Wednesday, September 14, 2011

At home with Hope and Joy :o)

Last week I was blessed by two young gals from church coming to help for a few days. They played with the girls, washed almost every inch of the basement, scrubbed the hardwood till it shone...
...put the baby to sleep, washed dishes, baked cookies, did ironing, and a host of other helpful things. Their energetic service inspired me. :o)
What those eyes must be saying... :o)
L-l-look out world!
Hopey-Doodle in play mode.
This was Saturday. I had loads of work to get done before Matthew & Christy & Albert came, but it was a beautiful sunny fall day, my girlies wanted my attention, and so I set the to-do list aside, took them to the park, read to them and spent 3 hrs just on them in the middle of the day. When I finally finished the things I needed to do at 11:30 that night, I had no regrets. :o)

Wispy one.
Chunky one. :o)

What are dresses for, Mommy?
Dressed all nice in their new outfits from Grandma Lorrie.
"Hopey just being funny," as she would say.
Aww. Love these sweeties.
Monday morning I got up early to do some cleaning I couldn't do with the girls underfoot. Later, Josh blessed us with breakfast from Tim Hortons. I ate the egg and bacon, and between the girl they ate the biscuit, so there was no waste.
I think I asked Hope to go get a toy for Joy.
I think she heard: "Go get the basket full of toys for Joy." :o) They had fun, for almost an hour, which was great cause I was baking up a storm. And, Hopey is very quick at picking up the toys, so that is a real help. :o)
Love that belly. She's almost 16 pounds now. :o)
Trying to get a good sister shot before Moms 'n Tots on Tuesday morning.
Two smiles.
Two braids.
My two favourite daughters!

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