Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jasper, Pt 2, Sunday

Sunday morning we awoke to frost outside and a good hard chill in the cabin. Josh got a fire roaring while I got a hot breakfast on the table for everyone. Mini quiche from Costco (I treated the others by serving quiche and myself by not having to create it from scratch) and homemade cinnamon rolls. My treat that morning was toasted GF bread Matthew & Christy brought from Denver and sunny-side-up eggs, since I couldn't eat the quiche or cinnamon rolls.
Always a ready smile from this Daddy. :o)
Hope amusing herself on the ipad while the rest of us cleaned up or something.
Playin' with Albert's Bumbo tray.
Cozy fire. Soooooo nice. I even sat in front of it and did some knitting. Most enjoyable.
We planned to do a hike at some point on Sunday, but figured there was no rush to get out the door. So, after Bible time around warm drinks, and singing as we did the dishes, we settled down to enjoy a game together with the fire crackling away beside us.
Starting out on the Maligne Canyon trail. I think they said it is the most photogenic Canyon in Alberta, or something like that.
"This is my Father's world,"
"...and to my listening ears;"
"...All nature sings and round me rings,"
...the music of the spheres."
And this was where we decided the stroller would go no further.
Matthew & Christy helped Hope along. Albert was in the carrier on Matthew's back, and Joy was on my back in the Snugli.
"This is my Father's world,"
"I rest me in the thought..."
"...Of rocks and trees of skies and seas..."
"...His hand the wonders wrought."
"...This is my Father's world, He shines in all that's fair...
"...In the rustling grass I hear Him pass..."
"...He speaks to me ev'rywhere."
Albert and his "binki."
Honestly, this was one of the prettiest waterfalls I've ever seen. There's a little video clip of it at the end of this post. I think the narrow rock ledges/shelves made the water flow unique.
More beauty.

Us crossing a little suspension bridge. Boy did that thing every sway. Joy was riding on my front by this time. I could keep her head covered better and feed her snacks & water that way.
Thanks for snapping these shots, Matthew.
Across the bridge was an outhouse, so Josh balanced the load on his back by adding a load to his front while I visited the accommodations.
We took the upper trail on the way back and got an entirely different set of breath-taking views.
Christy put Albert in the baby wrap when we switched Hope into the backpack carrier mid-way through the hike.
Note the wedged rock in the distance. :o)

Happy Johnsons at the end of the trail.
Josh and the headless Hope. :o)
The happy Langemanns at the end of the trail.
Both girls were sleeping. :o) Yay!
Supper back at the cabin. Lorrie wanted to treat us to a meal one night, so we picked up dinner at a restaurant in Jasper. We all decided eating out-out with 3 little ones would likely be less than relaxing, so we just ate in the cabin, which was a lot easier. The meal was delicious, thank you, Mom.
Storytime with Daddy by the fire. Doesn't get more classic than that!

Here's the waterfall I mentioned earlier.

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