Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jasper, Pt 1

While Matthew and Christy were here, we packed our mini van to the hilt, tied a small mattress on top, and headed for the mountains. We enjoyed a weekend together in Jasper, and stayed at Pine Bungalows, a generous gift from Mom Langemann who used to go there with her husband and family for vacations.
Things packed in pretty well thanks to the stow-and-go compartments behind the driver and passengers seats. Josh and I were in the front, the two babies in the bucket seats behind us, and Matthew, Christy, and Hope in the back bench. We even managed to fit in the double stroller and the space heater (which we didn't end up using due to the shortage of outlets in the cabin.) Once we were all loaded, I looked around and said "I do believe we have 2 cubic feet to spare! Anyone forget anything???" :o)
Our re-arranged cabin. :o) There was no way we could eat in the small kitchen with 4 adults and 3 babies, so we dug in and moved things around to better suit our needs. :o)
The little kitchen. (The table and chairs had been where the little side table and water jug are standing.) I had fun cooking in it. Made me thankful for the counter space I do have at home. :o)
Joy-Belle enjoying some romp time as Daddy tries to get her into her warm jammies.
Matthew washed dishes pretty much every meal that weekend. The staff charge an additional $20 if your dishes aren't washed when you leave your cabin, so needless to say, we did them. :o) Also needless to say - next time we'll take disposable dishes to help with the time factor!
Good old fashioned pancakes in a cast-iron skillet. :o) Twas fun.
Christy came along in the nick of time and asked if I needed help finishing things, so I asked her to do the bacon. I always have a hard time cooking the bacon just right, so I was very glad for the help. :o)
Solid little Joy, pulling herself up on Daddy's leg.
A yummy pancake breakfast on a cool Saturday morning.
I brought a few activities along to occupy the little ones indoors. Joy enjoyed chewing on the Janga blocks. :o)
After the babies were fed and the dishes done, we layered up and hopped into the van to find a spot to walk. As you can see, Hope wasn't interested in riding in the stroller with Albert... she wanted to walk!
Lake Annette was the walk of choice, and a very scenic one at that.

This was one of the largest and tallest trees we saw, and the sap on it was amazing. It had many dead looking branches, but was obviously still alive.
Dri-i-i-p. :o)
Hopey was delighted to stop and throw rocks in the water.

There was one beach area, and Hope wasted no time digging in to the freezing cold sand...
... and happily dumping it into the water.
Josh said she was "cleaning her hands in the bubbles." :o)
The two lovebirds.
And boy do they have fun!!
Christy is so photogenic. :o) Good thing too.
Aww. That's my two-and-a-half year old!
"Oh yook Mommy - a yittwle yellow flower!"
Uncle Matthew showing her some creepy, crawly critter.
After Joy ate, we got in the van and warmed up on our little drive into Jasper, where we stopped for coffee and took time to walk around town.
Joy and Albert playing at Josh's feet. Looks like Joy has his shoe in this picture.
V-a-c-a-t-i-o-n for Josh: book reading.
Matthew was very kind to colour with Hope while I made supper.
And this would be Joy reaching for Albert's pacifier. Little squirt loved to chew on it... and then give it back. Good thing they are cousins!!! :o)
Matthew trying to make the little ones happy before bedtime...
At least he was happy. :o)

Stay tuned for more pictures...

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