Monday, September 26, 2011

Cousin Albert comes to call

We were blessed to have Josh's sister, Christy, her husband Matthew, and their sweet little son, Albert, with us for 11 days. Handsome little Albert man. :o)
He quite liked the walker, and Joy didn't mind sharing, since she's not really liking it very much these days. As you can see, she's getting around quite well on her own. Not walking yet, but can pull herself into an upright position very well.
Why is it babies always want the toys the other babies have? Calm little Albert did very good with his high-action, high-emotion female cousins. :o)
Hopey was enchanted, to say the least. She's been talking about baby Albert coming for a long time, always saying she wanted to hold him. :o)
He's not as wiggly or mobile as Joy, which made holding much easier.
Hopey couldn't have been happier.
Trying to keep Joy in the corner. :o) Goooood luck, Hope!
True baby, likes to chew on everything. No teeth yet, so Hope was safe.
Hopey liked holding his little hand.
Love it how Hope and Joy are peeking around Albert, grinning at each other. :o) Joy is 2 1/2 months older than Albert, but they are about the same size and the same weight. Albert is just a little bit taller and doesn't have a chubby torso like Joy. We often got asked if they were twins when we were out and about.
Joy was d-o-n-e with sitting.
Hopey loves her sister.
"Here Joy, I help you."
Watching cousin Joy across the room....
Yes, she's that age - the Tupperware drawer is a favourite play spot these days.
"See me Mommy?"
Short little tot that she is.
Not a great picture, but it documents that Ryan Morgan was here too. He was up for a work conference that Matthew and Josh also attended, and joined us one night for dinner. Hope wasn't sure about him for the first few minutes, but once she warmed up she had a blast playing with and talking to Ryan.
Uncle Matthew keeping the babies occupied at the piano - a most welcome help while I was doing kitchen work. :o) Thanks, Matthew!

Albert is a great eater. He was grinning all over himself this one day when Christy was feeding him. I just had to take a video. I think he was eating mango/peach/avocado smoothie from Christy's cup.

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