Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jasper, Pt 3, Monday

We had to check out of our cabin on Monday morning, but we took our time heading home. Hope was in a rather emotional/overtired/befuddled state as we adults rushed around getting things packed up. I thought maybe Hope would do better if she had a job, so I gave her a couple Green Works wipes and told her to go look for dirty spots she could wipe up. :o) That helped greatly, as did a little bit of discipline, some hugs, and a snack once she got in the van. :o)
Cabin #34, that was us.

And, we remembered to take a picture of the sign as we were leaving. :o)
The mountains were showing off the majesty and wonder of their Maker that morning. Matthew and I were out there shooting away, but no camera lens can take in God's amazing-ness like the human eye and the human heart.

Loaded for the trip back. Aside from a bunch of washable bug guts, the mattress had an uneventful ride up there on top of the van.

We drove up to see a couple smaller lakes just north of the town of Jasper before hitting the highway and heading for home. Hopey had fun throwing rocks and sand into the water with the guys while Christy and I fed the babies in the van.
Pyramid mountain, at least that's what we thought, as the lake was "Pyramid Lake"

Family picture attempt #1.
And again.
And again. That sunshine was b-right!
One more.
Taken from the passenger window as we were driving.

In the spirit of Josh-Erin adventures, and being that we were on vacation, we decided to stop at a park and play with kids while Josh did a Tim Hortons run.
...After he took Hope down the slide a couple times. This was the best slide I've seen!
But the tunnel was what Hopey really liked.
"You see me, Mommy?"
"How 'bout I walk through the tunnel and see Mommy?"
Joy and Albert were a pretty evenly-balanced load in the swing. :o)
This is one of the best shots of the trip, in my opinion. Two priceless smiles from two priceless children.
Hopey's legs finally grew! That's Joy facing the other way in the swing beside her.
Christy giving Albert rides on the slide.
And the swing. Such radiant smiles! Love this shot too.
Uh Joy... who taught you to climb on slides already?
"Ha ha, Auntie Erin, you're funny!"
The park had the most amazing flower beds.
I felt like I was... I don't know where! The beauty was just blessing my little soul, and since Joy was with Matthew I took time to take it in through my camera lens.

This shot reminds me of the flowers in the market on My Fair Lady.
Hopey was enchanted too.
"How 'bout I pick some for you, Mommy?" "Uh, no, Hope. You need to just look at them and touch them, but thank you."
I think Matthew was mimicking the squeaking noise Joy was making.

Back to the swings while we waited for Josh to return. It had warmed up by then, so we took the baldies hoods off.
Meandering our way out of Jasper... this dish shaped mountain wedge caught my eye.
As did this one. get the idea.

Almost home, Matthew and Christy both pull out their cell phones and start talking to different people at just about the same time. I couldn't carry on a phone conversation with someone if the person beside me was also on the phone. They're quite something, those two!
It was too late for baths when we got back, but we put the girls in clean jammies and gave Hope a snack and then put them in their own beds for the night.
Making sure Joy gets a drink too. :o

Thank you for the wonderful trip, Mom Langemann. It was special to be in a place you and "Dads" loved so much. :o) Your thoughtfulness and generosity has enriched our lives once again. We love you.

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