Friday, September 30, 2011

Days at home and friends come to call

Tuesday was a day of doing laundry (you shoulda seen the piles of it), bathing the kids, and going grocery shopping. Matthew said he had to come along to see what a Canadian grocery store looked like.Christy reading a story to Hope after her bath.
Snack time in the Bumbos.
It is my opinion that boys drop things a lot less than girls. :o) Albert kept his apple piece securely in hand while Joy dropped her numerous times.
Wednesday morning a guy came to bit of noisy work on the house, so Christy & Albert escaped to a friends house and the girls & I went clothes shopping for them, and watered raspberries and such at a friends house, as we were house/yard sitting that week.
Joy found the sprinkler head most entertaining.
She's just started doing that with her index finger. :o)
Hope thought she should wash the rocks too. :o)
Albert catching 40 winks on the couch after nursing.
This was the evening M&C watched the girls so Josh and I could go out together.
I think they had a good time. At least that's what we heard.
Playing with Hopey's sippie cup.
Eating her favourite food - applesauce.
Must have been going for a snack or something.
Thursday night we were blessed by the much anticipated visit of Nicole (Tuplin) Kumpolt and her family and her sister Heather Tuplin, (long time friends of the Langemanns.)
Nicole's twins are 3 months older than Joy. Nicole's oldest, Lydia, is the one with the baby doll.
The toys were quite popular.
Dear little Albert, the only guy in the bunch!
The Dads having dessert and tea. All the guys got brownie points that night, at least in my estimation. They each had a small child in hand when I served them their dessert and tea, and nothing got spilled!
The blessing of friends.
Meanwhile, the two two-year olds were sitting at the table having hot peppermint tea and ice cream, quite happy with themselves. :o)

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