Monday, September 12, 2011

A trip to BC

After Lydia left, it was pretty much time to do laundry and get things in order for our trip to BC for Byron Mosher's wedding. I was pretty busy with preparations and starting on cleaning the basement and kinda didn't take very many pictures of home life that week. Here's a couple I did take.Big-girl-baby-Joy. Looked like a little schoolgirl in her sweater and brown shoes.
She loves playing with her Daddy.
We left shortly after 5 am on Friday (Sept 2) to make the 10 hr drive to Salmon Arm, or rather, Sicamous, where we were staying. The girls did great travelling, and we were only on the road 13 hrs with only 2 significant stops.
Saturday morning we put on a singing DVD for the girls while we got ready for the wedding.
Wow - Joy was being still for a second.
The wedding was set in a beautiful heritage park, nestled in the mountain valley. You could not have asked for a more perfect day for an outdoor wedding. Byron walking his Mom up the aisle.
Bridesmaid Jordan Schaus, sister of the bride, mother of 3!
Matron of honour, Sarah Flemming, sister of the bride, mother of 4!
Rebecca and her Dad. She had a "lady in waiting" as her personal attendant,(pictured in the background, arranging Rebecca's train) which was kind of neat.
Byron's Dad, Lyle, married the couple.
Parents praying for the new couple. (no mic, so the audience was just quiet during that time which was neat.)
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Mosher! :o)

Part of the baby brigade! This was only about half of the wee ones that were present that day.
Hope was glad to have time to play afterwards, as were the other kids.
Goodness, the angle really makes Hope look tiny. :o)
Bringing rocks to her friends.
Thankfully, I think the kids had just as much fun picking the rocks up off the lawn and putting them back on the walkway as they did putting them on the lawn!
It was such a beautiful day. Summer sunshine with fall temperatures. Perfect!
Hope's not so much into looking at the camera these days. She just wants to jump up and see the picture!
My baby girl... growing up so fast.
Afternoon naptime, and boy did they ever need it. So thankful for our double stroller!
Beautiful Nicole and her oldest, Lydia.
The wedding families had lovingly provided colouring books and pencils for the little ones.
We "borrowed" Kelsey the amazing photographer to snap a few family pics for us.
Hope!!! Come on kid - smile!
There! Now Joy's got my necklace...
...but she was happy. :o)
On the go, even in a dress.
I got a chill, so retreated to the sunshine with wiggly Joy and bored Hope.
Beautiful British Columbia. :o)
Keeping my eye on Hope and Gabriel in the horseshoe pit.
Sunday morning. Dear Josh, he knows how to make the best of things. Joy didn't get the "vacation-sleep-in" memo. I had her for a while, then Josh took a turn while I got ready for the day. Hope was still sleeping. so we were trying to keep Joy quiet. In the vacation spirit, we relaxed (or rather, tried to relax while keeping Joy from somersaulting over the edge of the bed) on the king size bed as a family, and then Josh popped to the very-nearby (in the parking lot) Tim Hortons and grabbed coffee's for him and I. :o)
I took my guitar along, but discovered when I began to play that it needs new strings on a very bad way... :o(
After we checked out of our hotel we went for a little walk in the woods.
It was another lovely day, though we did leave a good sampling of our blood with the mosquitoes along the trail.
My man and his girls.
Konked out kiddo.
Time to get in the van and start the drive back.
We went as far as Kamloops, stopping at his cousins' place for the night. Our girls sure enjoyed their three second cousins and their toys.
Watching a movie together.
Little Hope and the boys devouring some Neapolitan ice cream.
And home at last on Monday evening. We had to put Joy somewhere while we unloaded...
...and of course Hope wanted to be with Joy... the sunken trunk seemed like a good place. :o)

Joy-Belle at play on the king size bed.

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