Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Granny and Uncle Avery come to see us

Saturday dawned cloudy after a day of snow on Friday, but things were still happy in our house with a day off at hand and the anticipation of Granny and Uncle Avery arriving later in the day.
Our little girl coming up the walkway...crunching some shovel misses of snow as she goes.
Returning with Daddy who treated me to breakfast from The Loft and coffee from Tim Hortons. What a sweet guy! The break from the kitchen was very much appreciated. :o)
Chillin' at the piano with the girls.
Love it. Just love it.
That's our mini-van!!! After a half a year of looking on and off the Lord led us to the van He had for us, a 2010 Dodge Caravan. It was a lease-back vehicle, so we got something almost new for a not-new price, which was fantastic for us! A personalized licence plate is something I've always wanted, so it's extra special to have one on our mini-van. NEWSONG was the word the Lord gave me for the plate, and it was even available! We thank Him for the new blessings He is revealing in our lives through our two daughters and our church family.
One of the things I like most about the van is the sunk-in trunk. It makes grocery loading sooo much easier. The two sliding doors are also awesome, and the built in rear-view kids mirror is fun too. Hope loves it.
Denver and Foremost here we come. :o)
My Mum and Avery were taking in some of the AHEA convention in Red Deer on the weekend (http://www.aheaonline.com/) and came to see us afterwards.
I was soooo relieved that Joy took well to Mum. I was praying she would, because when Hope was this age she wanted nothing to do with my Mum, nor anyone else for that matter. Joy does play strange a little bit, but thankfully not all the time.
Chewing again....
After Saturday night baths with Granny, Hope got a new book from Granny.
They had fun discovering it together.
It has 4 little stuffed animals, each with a Velcro patch on one side, and there's places for them in the book.
Meanwhile, Uncle Ave gets the littlest one all snuggled up and ready to nurse herself to sleep.
Sunday afternoon baby blues chased away at the piano.
She was getting into it... :o)
Then she started singing along with herself...
Such a sweetie.
After Hope's nap she got into her head that she wanted to go play in the snow with granny, who was of course, happy to oblige.
Building "the great wall of backyard" with last years plant boxes.
Hope really wanted to come show me.
So Granny lifted her across the snowdrift so Hope could show me her snow and have me dump it for her.
'Twas a fun hour for them. Mum said Hope even slid down the snow drift on her backside. Pretty good for cautious Hopey-Doo.
Hanging out together...
A smile and a thumb!
Then it was tummy time in the living room.
Everyone was entertained by the shape ball. :o)
I think Mum was snapping her fingers to get Joy to look up.
Busy little hands...
Alright "1... 3... 2!" (as Hope says) "Everyone look at someone!!!" After all.... who says you all have to look at the camera anyways?
Granny helping Hope brush her teeth. Hope was being a pickle about going to bed, so Mum put Hope's pants on her head like a hat to distract Hope from her grumpies. Then, Hope thought Granny should put the pants-hat on her head. When I went to check on Hope before I fell asleep I found she was still wearing it. :o)

Hope you enjoy the videos of Mum and Ave interacting with the girls. :o)

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