Saturday, April 2, 2011

My little sweeties

My little ones are such a blessing to me. The constant care they require is so good for me. Good for the days I feel up to it, and good for the days I don't feel up to it! The One who made them also made me to care for them, and His strength is always perfect. I am thankful for days of weakness that help me remember this and glory in my Redeemer. This has been a good week. I felt rough all last week, but as this week has progressed I've felt more normal again. Don't know what was up last week, but that's okay. I'm thankful my little ones and my hubby don't get upset with me when I'm weak. They, like my Heavenly Father, love me despite my ups and downs. What marvelous gifts!

Hopey loves to hold her sister's hand. Doesn't Joy look round in this picture? :o)
Joy was watching Hope and I fold laundry from the comfy perch of my pillow.
Hope and Joy were playing together in the nursery one morning. Hope loves having Joy around and loves playing with her. Thankfully, Joy doesn't seem to mind being buried and closed in by toys and books. As you can sorta see in this picture, Joy has found her thumb, though she more chews on it than sucks it at this point. :o)
Playing on our bed while I was changing the sheets one day. I used to try and keep Hope from lying on top of Joy like this, but Joy seems to smile when Hopey's close, even this close, so forget it! I just let them play and they both seem content!
Enjoying the soft place to roll around. Joy hasn't quite rolled from her back to her tummy yet, but she sure goes side to side and around a lot. She seriously did a full 180 degree rotation all on her own the other night. I laid her on the blanket with her head at one end and by the time she was ready to be picked up 45 minutes later her head was at the opposite end of the blanket!
In her pretty purple outfit from my Aunt Winnie. :o) I've worn it on Joy a few times already, but this was the first day I managed to get her picture in it before she dirtied it on the diaper end!
Helping me change Joy.
Joy loves her feet. You put her on her back and she almost instantly swings her legs into the air and grabs her feet. She has almost had her right sock pulled completely off at times.
Tickling her sister. "Joy go-lish" Hopey's says. "Go-lish" means "ticklish." You know... tick-go-lish.... it works.
Hope thought Joy should have a bear to hold.
Joy thought her feet were just fine for holding.
Happy Hopey. Hope is starting to sing with actual words these days, which blesses me so much. She likes the "Ho-oooooo-sannnna" song, and "so big" ("My God is so Big.")
After eating her breakfast one morning Hope was very instant that her baby needed to eat. So into the chair baby went, adorned with one of Joy's bibs, and they were all set. :o)
"Eat baby."
"Where are you Hope?'
"There you are, and there's Mommy!"
If Joy is acting fussy, she can often be cheered by taking off her socks. Methinks she's gonna love summertime.
One last smile for this post....

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  1. I can almost smell their yummy cheeks from these pictures. And I am so glad Joy is finding her thumb . . . girl after my own heart. But I hope she breaks the habit before I did. :0)