Monday, April 11, 2011

The Greats Visit

We were blessed by a visit from my grandparents this weekend. They were in Red Deer for the funeral celebration of Grampi's sister, Anna Hutmacher, and came to see us while they were in the province. After a cup of tea together and a little nursing for Joy, she resumed her Saturday afternoon nap on Granny's shoulder while I made supper.
A new playmate for Hopey. Hurrah!!! Grannies and little girls are the best playmates, says I.
And Grampies too!
After a good Saturday night bath, Hope had story-time on the couch with G&G.
I enjoyed listening to the happy interaction from the rocking chair in the nursery down the hall where I was feeding Joy.
A picture of happiness.
After the Doodle-Bug went to bed, we adults and Joy settled down for a game of cards. If it looks like Grampi was holding Joy back, it's because he was!
Rescuing the cards from her eager little hands.
Then we decided to let her try playing with them.
Ooops! Bad idea!!!
Happy wake-up time on the bed on Sunday morning.
Something new for Hopey-Doo!
And she knew just what to do with it!!!
Grampi took up the challenge of helping Hope finish her lunch, as she was taking an eternity to eat. The two of them had great fun. Afterwards, the two of them decided that it would be Grampi who would put her down for a nap. It worked out pretty well.
Happy little squirt. I said... :o)
Eating peanut M&M's together after Hope's very long nap. Check out all the daylight still in the kitchen, and it really was 6:45 - like the clock says. Another new present for Hopey, and she loved this one too! Granny and Grampi are so sweet.
I picked up a little play yard for Joy at a swap meet sale on Saturday, since she is such an active child and likes to have her eyes focused on objects.
Joy was no sooner out of it than Hope got herself laid down in it to try it out!!!
Later, I had Joy on my tummy on the floor and Hope thought it looked like a lot of fun. To the couch we took them, but Joy wasn't too keen on lying still, as you can see. :o)
Watching great-Granny coming up the stairs while I cut up some fruit for breakfast this morning.
I picked up this Bumbo seat at the swap meet on the weekend too. Joy likes it.
I said "smile Joy" and she did - she just didn't look at me with the smile!
Miss Hilarious!
A farewell shot of G&G with their great-grandbabies.
There we go. They're all looking this time!
Time to be done...
Bye-bye kisses for Joy-Belle.
Kinda neat how they were matching. :o)

So glad they came to see us!

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