Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Home Time Vol V

Another week at our house finds both the girls enjoying the new-to-us baby accessories. As you can see, Hope fits the Bumbo too. :o)
She likes to read while sitting in it.
Gotta love those overalls. :o)
Hope - gotta love on her sister. :o)
Frozen peas for an after-naptime-snack in the Bumbo, or the "Bumbi" as Hope calls it.
Yum, yum. Hey - it's a great way for little ones to eat veggies.
And to complete the experience, Hope wanted to go in the bouncer... again. :o)
Playtime after bath in matching onesies. Lorrie got us some new 3-6 month ones for Joy and I picked up an 18-24 month one for Hope at the swap meet. Funny that the firstborn got the second-hand and the second born got the new in this case. :o)
Hope was laughing! Really, she was... saying "Hi Joy, Hi Joy!" This picture makes it look like their torsos aren't that different in length. Could be. I haven't exactly measured. I do know that Joy is very long in her torso from the way she grows through her tops. :o)
Just love Joy's happiness with Hope.
And Hope still loves holding Joy's hand, or Joy "fung-er" as she calls it. That was the way Hope first interacted with Joy when she was born - by holding her finger. It is still what Hope asks for most of the time. :o)
Another playtime in one of Joy's toys.
This time she thought her dolly needed to sit on her lap in the bouncer. I think she even told it "shhh, shhh." She's been into telling me "baby needs Hope" and off she'll toddle to find the baby so she can take care of it. :o) Pretty cute.
After dinner playtime with Daddy. Looking at Mommy...
Looking at Hope. Nice tongue there Joy.
Daddy loves his little girls.
Just how many fingers can she fit in her mouth at once? :o)
Playtime on the nursery floor. This was Friday morning, and we were planning on having company for dinner in the evening, and I needed to do a few things to get the house in order. So I asked Hope if she could play with Joy while I attempted a 5 minute cleaning of the bathroom.
With Joy securely on her lap Hope looked up at me, pointed to the bathroom and said "Mommy go clean toilet." :o) And I did. :o)
Chewing again....

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