Monday, April 11, 2011

To Count His Gifts

I'm taking up a challenge,
To count God's gifts to me,
To write them down, one by one,
That His goodness I might see.
That my mouth might be filled with praise,
For my cup, it overflows,
My God is good, so good to me,
And this I want to show.
To share them is my aim,
That you too might see His hand,
So be encouraged, Christ is all,
He gives as only He can.

Gifts #1-#32 "His love has no limit, His grace has no measure..."
Feeling baby breaths, as her chest rests against my torso
Baby smiles when I'm oh-so-tired
Fresh coffee in the morning
Pink bibs for little girls
New crayons
Lilies from hubby at Easter season
Dinner guests who feed my toddler
Responsive grins from my baby
Toddler's sweet chatter as she goes about her day
Fresh manna in early mornings while nursing baby (Bible on ipod)
"Need hug?" squeezes from my toddler
Sing-song from two year-old lips
Branch shadows in spring sunlight on living room floor
Contented babe sleeping on my shoulder
Sound of snow melting: water trickling down the drain pipe
Grandparents coming for the weekend
Hubby clicking away on home computer... Saturday finances
Fresh quilted table runner for spring
Comfy rocker for nursing baby
Smoothies for lunch
April strawberries that taste like June's sunshine
"Gently-used" treasures meeting our needs
Steaming cloths iron
Sleep giggles from baby asleep on my shoulder after nursing
Grace and strength for given tasks
Storytime on sofa for toddler with great-grandparents
Window light on baby and great-grandmother in rocking chair
Grandparents at the breakfast table
Morning coffee with Gran
Efficient laundry machines
Yellow bear in china cabinet to celebrate spring
Daughter's love for great-grandparents

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