Monday, April 11, 2011

Home Time Vol IV

Spring sunshine!!! At last.
Trying out our new-to-us double stroller from Grandma Lorrie.
Chillin' indoors after the walk.
Hopey didn't want to come in, and I wasn't about to make her either. Sandbox toys to the rescue!
She doesn't have to search far for snow!
"You picture." She's onto me! :o)
Joy does better than Hope as far as looking at the camera sometimes.
Two girls in lavender on a charming quilt. :o)
Dopey smile from the littlest one. She wasn't feeling herself one day this week, so I dressed her in a sleeper and a sweater to keep her cozy, comfy, and extra cuddly all day long.
Yes - this is what it looks like. Hope feeding herself and Daddy broccoli at the same time. After several rounds of "do 'gether" with Daddy feeding it to her and himself at the same time, she discovered she really liked the taste of it! This particular shot was taken after dessert. Hope asked for another cookie and when I answered "no" she asked: "more brock-iii?" S-core!!! Great way to get hubby to eat his greens, says I!
Mixing beans in her cup.
Taking care of her baby while I took care of Joy and Josh did the dishes one night this week.
Lookin' at Daddy over there....
Without cue, Hope looked over at me, and with questioning eyebrows raised as only a toddler can, said, "Baby tired?" and immediately flipped her dolly onto its belly and started patting its back like she sees me do with Joy. Stunned me!
Right where she wanted to be - in between Daddy's legs and on the mat right in front of the sink. You learn to be nimble of foot with her around. :o)
Queen Joy on her comfy throne. :o)
She wanted to have her picture taken.
Thought I'd get both of them on their tummies on the blanket looking at the book, but by the time Hope had herself so arranged Joy was quite done with that activity! :o)

Enjoy the girls chatter as you watch them interact. :o)

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