Monday, April 18, 2011

To Count His Gifts, Vol 2

Selections from gifts #32-75

Denim and pink
Butterfly overalls with muddy hems
Kettle boiling for afternoon tea
Plants emerging in the flower beds
Personalized licence plate for van
Wedding shoes
Kitchen taps shined by hubby
Hymns in my heart
Grapes, chocolate sweet
Toddler's delight in matching socks
Oma's afghan in April blizzard
Baby's face in curtained light
Dad's laughter on the phone
Soup and fresh buns on a snowy spring day
Fresh snow on spruce boughs
Orange-striped tights on toddler
Little girl wanting to wear pink shoes
"His love...the theme of my song."
Toddler asking for music to be turned on
Saturday brunch, treat from hubby
Toddler learning new book with Granny
Pine cones fallen, at rest on the grass
Kleenex brought to me by my little girl
No sore throat with cold
Baby's head turning in sleep
Friend's engaged

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