Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First days at the farm

We spent Saturday night after the wedding in Lethbridge at the girls' place. Sunday morning Josh headed home for Edmonton and the girls and I headed down to the farm. Josh was about to head to the States for a week of business, so the girls and I took the opportunity to visit the farm while he was away.
Trying to get a good picture of them in their tractor dresses with Chloe, who sewed the dresses, but Joy had other ideas. :o)
A Sunday evening story with Papa Collin. Sooo special. I have many treasured memories of storytime with Dad as a little girl. So special my kids can participate in the legacy. :o)
Hopey helpin' Granny pack Papa's lunch for on the combine.
My tall, hardworking, handsome bro in for a wee break. Man, does he ever look like my Dad in this shot... from Dad's younger years, of course!
Cuddles with Gran after naptime.
Hopey heading out for a ride on the combine with Papa & Granny.
She got to ride in Uncle Luke's truck like a big girl.
Hope was fascinated by Uncle Luke's most recent acquisition.
I went upstairs one morning to find Hope on his lap, "playing" away.
She looked remarkably coordinated too!
And did she ever seem to be having fun! Whack that symbol, girlie!
I don't know if she was singing or what... :o)
Picking flowers from Granny's garden.

The beauty was good for my soul.

Little girl full of wonder. She probably thought this one was a pinwheel. :o)

Hope discovering the pea pile on the auger tarp. (don't worry, the auger was off, and we were there with her.)
Dumping her little collection into the auger bed. :o)
Meanwhile, Joy was enjoying having the whole front seat of the golf cart to herself.
As you can see, she's well into the stage of discovery! She stood herself up all of her own accord.
Granny was holding onto her from the backside. :o)
Picking beans. Farm fresh beans have such awesome flavour!
Hopey liked the idea of a wheel barrow ride better than the ride itself.
Afternoon tea with old friends (err, I should say, friends from our growing up years), Ken and Ria Holgerson. What a treat it was to see them. They haven't changed a bit! I was sooo refreshed by their fellowship in the Lord.
Choc-o-late ice cream. "Hopey have some too?!"
Joy was fidgety one evening, so I thought I'd see what she'd do if given access to Mum's Ziploc stash...
...and she didn't disappoint my expectations one bit. :o)
Hope decided it looked like fun and clambered over to join in.
Listening to Uncle Luke strumming some sweet chords after supper.

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