Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last days at the farm

Our week at the farm was nearly done and soon it would be time to go home again.One thing I wanted to do with Hope was to show her how to ride a trike. Maybe next time her legs will be long enough. She had fun trying though.
Granny cuddling fussy Joy while I was doing something with Hope.
Saturday was finally warm enough and calm enough to set up the little pool for the girls.
It was a perfect time to blow bubbles too.

Hopey woke up from her nap a bit teary-eyed that day, and the emotions continued, even in the pool. Dear little one... too much vacation, perhaps?
But she still smiled.

My baby Joy and her curvy arms.
And varied expressions.

Sleepy snuggle with Granny before leaving for church. (Joy had gotten up early that morning...)
Sunday evening popcorn in the wagon - it was the easiest way to keep the floors clean. :o)
Look out Hope - here she comes.

Monday was our last day at the farm. Hopey had a tea party with the teddy bears while I packed up in the morning. After an early supper, Lydia, the girls, and I headed for Lethbridge, to take a bit off the trip to Edmonton the next day.
Morning snuggle with Auntie Chloe before the drive to Edmonton on Tuesday. Joy was sleeping when I got in the shower that morning, but I guess she woke up while I was in there and Chloe scooped her up from her playpen and lulled her back to sleep in the backyard. Chloe must have prayed for her the whole time, because Joy rode really peacefully in the car most of our trip back, which is unusual for her. :o)

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