Saturday, August 6, 2011


Monday (Aug 1st) was the day. The day it all started at our house. The making of beauty.
While Joe demolished the basement bathroom, Miles starting taking apart the sidewalks in the front yard, and the girls and I tried to just stay out of the way and stay happy. We were in need of bread, so Hope and I took care of that little detail.
... and this was Joy's contribution to the effort.... it's called "Chubby baby eats and eats while dough overgrows the bowl." It all turned out in the end.
Josh givin' Joe a hand taking the old bathroom cabinets out.
Hope was either saying "Joy" or "Shoe" or "Shhh."
Morning time. I think Joy was more than ready to get out of her jammies.... note the arm pulled partway out of its sleeve. :o)
One of the more major parts of the bathroom reno was the jack-hammering of the floor so as to move the shower drain.
Hope and I took cookies around to the guys on Tuesday morning, and she of course wanted one too.
The basement floor was the only thing being jack-hammered that morning. The girls and I didn't do so good with all that noise, so as soon as Joy had her favourite mid-morning nursing we headed out for quieter places.
Such as.... the playground. :o) Joy slept. Hope and I played. A good deal.
Paving stones pulled up, front step gone...
...and drywall getting gone. :o) Gotta love Joe.
Water trails? Ant trails? Both? Looked cool anyway.
After supper time with Uncle Joe.
Happy to have the book box while Hopey listens to the story.
Little miss bonk. Poor kid took a jump out of her chair that noontime, resulting in the lovely oval bruise on her forehead and the redness on her nose.
Thought it was funny how they're both in the same formation, just heading opposite directions.
Pile on Uncle Joe!!!
They were supposed to both look at me and smile...
The first garden peas of the year.
"Hopey share wiff you?"
Look out world. Gotta love those thick thighs in those plaid pants.
The pants got muddy and the shirt got soaked so here she is in outfit #2 for the day. (a fairly common occurrence for her.)
Again... trying to get another "together" picture.
We finally got a hot day here, so I was getting them in their swimsuits for some time in the water.
Now there's a real smile.
Joy... preparing to eat the diaper or something.
Since I had just taken the big yellow pool down and cleaned it out, the baby bathtub worked for a little pool that day.

They had fun, and so did I. I blew some bubbles for them and did a little bit of yard work too.
After a full day, little Joy fell asleep in her Uncle's arms after supper. So sweet.

Here's a little video of Joy getting around. :o)

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