Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More days at the farm

What summer visit to the farm would be complete without the treasured pastime of canning? The jar rings do make such a merry noise...
Standing up again.
Showin' off - "one hand Mommy!"
"Okay, so two hands does feel a little more secure." :o)
Bath time in the purple bathtub. The colour was a big thing for Hope.
While we were there the long awaited day arrived (actually, the long-awaited crane arrived) and the construction of the new bin got underway. When this shot was taken the crane was still on its way to the farm, so the auger was temporarily used instead.
That's Luke's long arm you see reaching around there.
Inside, the girls and I helped Mum with canning dill pickles.
That is, Hope helped - Joy sampled. Here she's chewing on a dill stalk.
Packing the jars.
Little hands are great for that task. Probably why I did it so much growing up.
Now to sample a cucumber...
Mum keeping a watchful on twiddle-dee-dee and twiddle-dee-dum.
Hope thinks Joy wants a drink of water.
Granny helps out.
The first rings are on. Brings back memories of the good old days when I used to help with those big undertakings.
Ol' long-arm. :o)
Since there was much work to be done on the bin, and since Dad wanted "all hands on deck" I decided to keep the girls out from underfoot by taking them to Great-Grandma Collin's for the day.
Hope had lunch and Joy played while Grandma and I quilted and talked.
Hope enjoyed running up and down the wheelchair ramp as we were getting ready to leave.
Great-Grandma teasing her about something.
This cloud caught my eye on the drive home from town.
Breaking up the monotony and noise of placing and tightening bolts with a little waltzing... or something. :o)
The start of something good.
I'd given up on the chance of keeping her clean by then.
Good thing, too.
The only solution was a bath!
Before-bed adventure with someone's super-sized flashlight. Hope was delighted!

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