Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Off to Lethbridge

Hello again! Let me explain the reason for my recent absence! We've been to gone! The girls and I to the farm while Josh went to Colorado and Indiana on business. We have been home for a week, but that week has been very concentrated on the beginnings of reclaiming our house from all the dust and finishing the bathroom renos. :o) I realized I couldn't be Mommy and maid, and cook, and blogger, so... the blog had to wait, since the other things couldn't.

Jumping back to August 12th, here's pictures from what we've been doing and where we've been.

Last night with Uncle Joe. He babysat the girls for an hour so Josh and I could do a Rona run by ourselves. For a makeshift date, it worked great. :o) After two weeks of prep work out front, Friday August 12th brought the long awaited pouring of the concrete for our patio and sidewalk. It was a lot going on at once, but in the end I was glad we had both the sidewalks and the bathroom being worked on at the same time by different people.
I jumped out to grab a few pictures.
Hope was completely entertained by watching the workers from the living room window.
Pour, pour, and pour some more.
It was a bit odd, but we left in the middle of the job to head for Lethbridge for the wedding of some friends, Jason Hastings and Rebecca Webber. While we were loading up the girls got to sit in our seats, which they both enjoyed. That was Joy's second outfit of the day. She was matching Hope in the beginning of the morning, but exploded through her diaper right before we were to leave. Glad she did it then, not later when we were on the road. :o)
Arrived at Chloe and Lydia's house around 8:00, Friday evening.
The girls love the musical toys (i.e. - Lydia's MYC instruments) they get to play with when they visit Auntie Chloe and Auntie Lydia's. :o) Joy loved the jingle bell, rather a lot, as you can see.
Hammin' it up with Chloe.
Too cute to resist.
Joy-the-mobile went exploring and discovered the suitcase was perfect standing height for her.
All dressed up and sitting with Daddy while Mommy finished getting ready for the ceremony. Thanks to Melody for the adorable matching dresses for the girls!
Lydia played a piece in the prelude... lovely new arrangement of Anne's Theme from her forthcoming lullaby CD.
So special to see Cheryl playing piano at her daughter's wedding.
Chloe was a bridesmaid.... so fun to see.
Here comes the bride! After 3 + years of relationship development, the day for Jason and Rebecca to be married had finally come!
Words of wisdom from the elders of their church as well as Rebecca's grandfathers.
After the ceremony snapshots with Auntie Chloe.
I didn't know the wedding colours when I decided on the girls' outfits for the day, but they couldn't have matched better!
Avery was charming Joy to get her to smile. Hope was completely fascinated with Chloe's necklace and wouldn't smile at the camera for anything!
After the ceremony Mum and Hope and I walked across the street to a nearby park where I snapped some family pictures for some friends. Doodle-Bug loved running in the grass.

Beautiful Lisa Fehr with her two youngest...
And my stunning Mum with Hope.
So precious to see how much Hope loves my Mum and loves to be with her now. It sure seemed like a long wait for her to warm up to Granny, but it's all right now. :o)
"Where'd Hopey's shadow go?" Yep - she was chasing her shadow. So cute.
"You can dress me up, but you can't stop me!!!"
Between the ceremony and reception we relaxed at Chloe and Lydia's place while Joy entertained all of us.

She had it figured out for sure!
After being awake all day on a very hot day, little Hope zonked out in Uncle Avery's arms as the reception got going that evening.
Trying to capture some of the beauties... :o)
Luke and Lyd. Enough said.
The bride and groom - Rebecca and Jason Hastings! United at last. :o)
Each one of the Webber family shared something with Rebecca and Jason, right down to Judah, their youngest who is almost 3 (I think.)
The reception was getting long for the Doodle, but Granny kept her entertained. Like the bangles turned earrings? Hope was quite proud of them!
My sweet hubby took wiggly, jabbery Joy and walked with her in the back of the hall so she wouldn't cause too much distraction during the speeches and such.
A special treat - Hope holding 3 week old Pamela Faith Kadash, Paul and Heather's 11th blessing! I was holding Pamela, but as soon as Hope saw it she wanted up on my lap, and just loved on that little baby as long as we'd let her. Hope was playing with her hair and giving her kisses. It was soooo sweet.

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