Monday, August 1, 2011

Ready, get set...

Last week was busy. Josh worked late a couple nights, I took a class at church a couple nights (leaving both the girls with their amazing Daddy, by the way) and we were getting ready for Joe to come and redo our bathroom as well as getting ready for new sidewalks to be poured in the front yard. I found myself telling myself that I needed to stop and take pictures of the girls... :o)My big girl still takes a good nap everyday. She's getting so tall (relatively speaking, of course... this coming from her 5 ft 2 1/2 mother!)
Hope loves to help Joy. And Joy seems to like being served, though she is proving she's quite capable of getting what she wants for herself as long as she can reach it.
"Come on Joy, let's crawl." That's what she was saying... really!
{Sigh} "Okay, Hope - HERE I COME!"
"Oh - I need a hat on!!!" She was right. She did. :o)
"And Joy too," as Hope would say. She's into the "and Mommy, and Daddy, and Joy and Hopey" thing these days. " :o)
A random shot - but he was being so sweet to hold Joy who was up late that night... and he did it while brushing his teeth, and I didn't find any toothpaste on her. :o)
Mommy's big helper.
Joy took a morning nap one day last week, so Hope and I took the chance to get outside together.
She really wanted to help me "work" and was thrilled to be allowed into the dirt and mud in her mud boots. :o) She did actually stop talking long enough to actually scoop some rocks up and out of the bed with me. :o)
Morning treat from my hubby.
Making a card for a neighbour.
Same day, different shirt cause the other one got chocolate on it.
Hope is pretty much entertained and thrilled just by holding the sidewalk chalk and talking about drawing... she actually draws very little. :o) She loves to talk. Such a girl!
Mommy's creative helper. She loves to run the lettuce spinner for me. I guess this was her way of containing it's vibrations after she got it whirling!
We were cleaning mint for the dehydrator.
She had a bit of a hard time separating the wet leaves, but she had the right idea.
"Look - a shiny silver knob... wonder what happens if I grab it."
"Uhh, pretty pinwheel, why do you drop so easily? I like you so much...."
Being Daddy's big helper this time. This was Friday night, and I had the red rocks from the front bed sitting in diaper boxes on the lawn until Josh could move them for me. We borrowed a friends wheelbarrow and off Josh went with the rocks...
With Hopey following his every move.
Down the bumpy sidewalk...
...up the ramp...
...down the ramp...
...across the lawn...
...and - DUMP! Don't worry... the pile is just there temporarily. :o)
My man digging out the old logs around the front bed. He soon was seen with the Raid can and ant poison, as we discovered a multitude of the little creatures had been living in that log.
I put Joy at the piano so I could sweep the floor the other night, and I was really enjoying hearing her sing and play at the same time while I hurriedly worked to rid the floor of its crumb cover before she started crying. (it was past bedtime again...)

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  1. oh my word... that video is SO cute!! I love her smile!