Monday, July 25, 2011

The Unclaimed Treasures come to call

The second half of last week saw the last of our practicing for the wedding, playing at the wedding, enjoying lots of visiting hours with Chloe and Lydia, as well as a day spent bathroom-shopping (picking up some of the last things we need for the reno job) and a sister-shopping-stop at Reitmans and church together Sunday morning. Gettin' in a few bounces while we practiced.
Working on an alphabet puzzle at the big table.
Recently I've been finding Hope up in the rocking chair with a book tucked into her lap, quietly studying the pictures and words. This particular morning she wanted Joy to be up there with her. As you can see, Joy wanted more than just the book Hopey gave her...
Good thing precious Hope is a patient child!
Chloe and Lydia arrived late Thursday night, and Friday morning it was PLAYtime with Auntie!!!
I know, I know... what a shot to post, but this was just how they were playing... till Auntie looked down and rescued Joy from Hope's neck-hug!
There - that's better. :o)
After breakfast, Auntie Chloe and Hope set up a pretend picnic, which delighted Hope. :o)
"Uhmmmm... Auntie Chloe, can we play a different song now?"
Forget the playing... try dancing!
"Up, up, and away......!"
Notice Hopey got right in there too - on top of dear Chloe!
Ahh yes, Mommy's shoes.
I didn't think she'd be able to balance enough to walk in them with the little heels they have, but I thought wrong. :o)
...always watching Hope...
...or me... :o)
Lydia was keeping an eye on Joy who was sitting on the kitchen table while I got breakfast ready Saturday morning, but while Lyddie looked away Joy reached into the fruit basket and started chewing on a plum. :o) Joy enjoyed it for a while and then I ate the remains.
After a day of bathroom hardware shopping and some clothes shopping too, we came back and got the girls bathed and got a bunch of haircuts done. After supper Hopey enjoyed opening a present Auntie Chloe had brought.
Yes - that is that it looks like - a John Deere dress and pinafore...
Made with love by Auntie Chloe...
...and one for Joy too. :o)
Just us. :o)
Where's Joy?
There she is!
And here she comes....
Sunday afternoon smiles. After lunch and some visiting and a game of Bohnanza out on the deck, Chloe and Lydia had to go home. Hopey was rather sad, but such it is when you love someone.
Little miss active...
"Oh - this makes an interesting noise - listen Mom...{bang, bang, bang!}"
Don't ask me what they were looking at, but it must have been something... :o)
And this is called, "try to get a picture of the girls in their purple dresses..." which turned into "Hopey wants to give Joy a hug..." never-minding Joy's position at all!
We retreated to the coolness of the basement and relaxed while watching the girls play.
Joy's energy amazes us!
She saw Hope playing with the phone earlier, and as soon as Hope set it down in Joy's line of sight and wandered off to something else, Joy bee-lined it for the phone and plopped herself down to play with it. :o) So precious to see how she likes to be just like Hope. :o)

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