Friday, July 15, 2011

Langemanns Visit, Pt 2

After a day of driving in the rain, the lovely Langemann ladies returned to our home Monday evening. The girls were glad to see them, as were we.
Watching Daddy tune his violin so he and I could practice.
"Yay - more arms to hold me" Joy says.
"If you're happy and you know it..."
Amy and Lorrie were out most of Tuesday visiting the acreage and friends in the area, so Melody and I had all the fun at home without them. :o)
The plan for the evening was for Josh and I to run some much needed errands, since babysitters were plentiful.
Last minute we decided to leave Joy behind too, as I had just fed her.
We knew we could move quicker without her... you can see from these shots she's getting pretty good at moving quickly herself these days.
And yes, she's my climber.
The more adventuresome or off limits the better. :o)
It's funny - almost every time you say "hi" to her, she waves her hand and says something that sounds like " 'I-ya" back!
Where there's Joy there must also be Hope.
Lovin' on her little sis.
Making faces to make Joy smile, just like I do.
All went well while Josh and I were out. The girls both had baths, and afterwards Joy discovered she liked freshly picked rhubarb. I heard that Joy loved it, and the fact that Joy still had it in her hand when we got home made me believe it. :o) Joy was up with a bubbly tummy later, and overloaded her diaper the next morning and had these funny red spots all down her neck the next day, but she seems no worse for the wear now!!! Bring on the adventure. A similar thing happened to Hope around that age, but it was pickles she sucked on, not rhubarb. :o)
Just love Amy's smile. She's grown enough that I can now pass on clothes to her, like the red shirt she's wearing. So fun. I don't usually get to pass things on to others because I'm not bigger than too many people. :o)
One last pic for the night... I was nursing Joy on the couch so guess what Hope wanted to do with her dolly? :o)

The next morning after breakfast with Starbucks coffee from Josh, we loaded up the van and the girls and I took our beloved family back to the airport. I pulled Hope out of her carseat so she could give goodbye hugs at the airport and we had our first "cry when Grandma leaves" episode. There's sure to be many more in her lifetime... I remember that feeling so keenly from when I was a child myself. :o) Ahhh well. It was a lovely visit, and we are blessed. Looking forward to going to Denver and seeing everyone this fall sometime. :o)

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