Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The time in between

Lorrie and the girls left us for a few days to go visit her parents in Swift Current. So it was back to me and my girlies and the little things we do each day. Hope really wanted to play Play Dough one morning, and so we did. Joy had fun banging around the pail with a few small containers of Play Dough in it while Hope and I cleaned up after we were done.
Little Beamer.
Hope decided she wanted to play with her tea set next, so after we got the Play Dough stuff cleaned up that's what she did.
Meanwhile, I put Joy in the Jolly Jumper to get her exercise while I practiced piano.
Hope, of course, had to come and make sure Joy was moving. She likes to push Joy like the Jolly Jumper is a swing at the park.
Dopey and Inquisitive, the way they wake up from naps. :o)
Joy really wanted Hope's water, so I encouraged Hope to share with her, and that made everyone happy.
After eruptions on the upper end and the lower end, I decided to plop our little squirt into the tub for a quick bath after supper one night so holding her would be a more pleasant smelling experience the rest of the evening. Just before this shot Joy had managed to get a perfect goatee of bubbles formed on her chin, but I didn't have the camera with me then so I didn't quite capture it.
"{siiigghh} But Mom, are you sure I shouldn't eat the bubbles? I mean, they are so much fun...."
"Okay then, Mommy. I'll just suck on my hand."
The next day while I was practicing piano Hopey made a train/airplane behind me all on her own. I turned around and was quite surprised! Airplanes are popular with Hope these days because she knows that's how she sees Grandma and Auntie Amy, though this particular day she told me we were flying to see Auntie Chloe. (Which could mean Langemanns actually, since she keeps confusing Melody and Chloe.)
And this is the point where I quickly put the camera down so as to catch my littlest one before she catapulted herself off the chair.
I just had to post it. :o) This is the finished result of one nap time project. As I said to Josh, the oven was somewhere between extremely dirty and potentially dangerous, so I gave it a good cleaning and now we can enjoy the smell of just our current food cooking, not the other food grime simmering at the same time.

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