Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A new week

Monday morning dawned clear and sunny, and the forecast was for warm weather, so we brought out the new sundresses from Grandma and enjoyed a summery day!I wanted to get Hope's hair off her neck, so I tried a full twist in it.
It did up nicely, though the front stuff fell down with tossing and playing later.
Butterflies to finish it off... that's Hopey's favourite part.
Banging around some Play Dough containers while Hope & I played on the little table. :o)
Mondays are laundry days in our house. I mover the little FP piano into the laundry room because both the girls like it. Joy was playing on it by herself, till Hope came.
So... with big sister taking charge of the keyboard, Joy went off for other adventures.
The nearby baby bathtub looked interesting...
....and where Joy is, there Hopey will soon be. :o)
Little squirt pulling herself up...
Like the tongue? She must have been concentrating.
An attempt at getting them both to smile at me...
Yes, she is as much of a character as she looks.
...On both feet...
Then I sat her down and they started singing...
...and they kept on singing while Hope tried in vain to keep Joy from pulling herself up again.
Monday evening we had some friends over, and it was neat to see how both the girls interacted with baby Micah. (2 mon old)
Val brought chocolate pudding for dessert, so Hopey had her first taste of pudding that night. :o) She rather liked it, despite the serious expression in this particular picture.
Hope thought Micah should have some blocks since she and Joy were having fun playing with them, but when he didn't seem interested she gave up the quest and took to entertaining herself in his carseat instead. :o)
This little creature was on our back door the next morning.
When I showed her the pictures, Hope said "green butterfly!"
Well... sorta a butterfly... but not really... :o)
Speaking of green...
We had another grand thunderstorm on Tuesday evening, and the girls heard it happen while I was making supper and they were playing. I told Hopey it was like Noah's Ark when God made it thunder and rain. This play arragement was Hope's idea - the bathtub... I threw in the blocks and Joy and we had a great concoction of fun!
And then Hopey had to come have supper with Daddy and I, so Joy was left to play on her own... didn't last very long. :o)
The other night Josh hung a picture in the nursery, and Hope watched. So... guess what I found her doing ... "Hopey hanging picture, yeah."
Thought this was cute - Joy was really studying that invitation with Josh!

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