Monday, July 11, 2011

Langemanns Visit, Pt 1

July 4th we were blessed with three lovely ladies from the south coming to our home!
Joy-Belle was being a little shy around Grandma, so I figured a snuggle when Joy was all dopey after nursing would be a good thing for both of them. It worked great for about 10 minutes and then Joy woke up!
Auntie Amy brought Hopey some side walk chalk, and Hope LOVES it! Thankfully, she seems to have pieced things together and hasn't asked to go out and draw the last few days since it's been raining almost constantly.
Her "new" jumper from Auntie Chloe got initiated right away with chalk dust all over it in no time.
Hope does do some drawing, but mostly she likes to tell you what to draw. :o)
It was hot for a couple days while they were here so I had the girls outside as much as possible. Amy was a great help watching them while I did yardwork.
1-2-ready....almost crawling. :o)
Super Store has really good corn on the cob right now. Amy peeled a 1/2 dozen for us for supper one night. :o)
Finally some warm weather. I think the bathing suit is a bit too big... oh well. It works. :o) I think Hope was concerned that I might be coming to tell her it was time to get out of the pool. She loves the water.
Of course, the beach ball must be watered... :o)
Auntie Mello enjoying the cool water on her pretty tootsies.
The chubby one and the skinny one, best of friends. The girls put Joy in the pool with Hope while I was out running errands because they said that was the only thing Joy wanted to do. :o) I believe it. :o)
Hopey in her big-girl jammies. We had to get her some two piece ones for the hot summer evenings, as she was taking her footed-sleeper off after she went to bed.
Two grinning gals and a goof. :o)
More Auntie time... yay!
Can't remember what she was watching the girls do....
Amy needed to practice her viola. I was greatly enjoying listening to her from the kitchen when all of a sudden I heard some rather colourful, boisterous and random accompaniment, which I discovered was coming from Hope. :o)
Watching Hope and Amy play.
She's into the index-finger playing these days...
Now that was some music! Amy and Melody were playing the goat song from The Sound of Music and pulled Hope up to join them...
...which made Hope feel so important!
Melody the beautiful and Joy the busy!
Grandma was telling Hope the story of her birth, how she came to us as a very little girl, and how much Grandma had been looking forward to meeting her... It was a sweet interchange to watch and Lorrie talked and Hope listened, adding the occasional "yeah" to what Grandma was saying.
Pardon the perplexed infant. :o)
Hopey gets another sticker for going potty. She's doing really good with it. Looks like the training stuck, praise the Lord. We're learning if she's going to have an accident it will be when she's tired.
There's some grins. :o)
Joy loves to stand, or bounce or anything that has to do with using her legs.

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  1. Hi Erin - I often pop in and look at your pictures - but I usually don't have time to comment. Your girls are such dears! It is encouraging to see what a good job you are doing training your girls and being a joyful wife and mother. :)