Friday, July 15, 2011

The girls at rest and at play

These are a few more pictures of home while Lorrie and the girls were in SK. Hopey was a tired girl after the excitement of company, especially after a nice warm bath on Saturday night. She got a little ride from her Daddy before bed.
That one was sleepy too, PTL!
Talking to "Gamma" on the phone. Hope was missing her and kept saying "Uh-oh, where'd Gamma go?"
Wonder what was going through her mind...
My sweet hubby who often holds wiggle-worm Joy for me at mealtimes. (we'd like to feed her food too but she's not liking the idea of a spoon or what is on the spoon just yet...)
Happy little squirt.
Next day...
"{Sigh} But Mom.... how come Hope can do that and not me?"
Washcloth to the rescue!!!
Hope was carefully bringing her tea set into the kitchen (which comes out as "chicken" in Hope's language) to wash it in the sink. She was very gentle with it after I explained that it was breakable. :o)
Something else to occupy the little lass.
We're noticing that Joy "sings" a lot when she's doing something with her hands.
Joy went down early for her nap which afforded Hope and I the luxury of doing something together.
We decided to see how tall of a tower we could build. We just left out that one odd block because it wasn't a good foundation and was too big to go in the tower.

After naps Hope played in the living room and Joy bounced and sang while I practiced music for the wedding we have coming up next week.

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