Thursday, July 7, 2011

Canada Day at Spruce Meadows

Friday, July 1st, we got up early-ish, packed up our girlies into our van and hit the road for Calgary where we were to meet my family at Spruce Meadows for Canada Day.
When all the normal distractions were used up, I gave Joy the ipad to try and entertain her for a while in the van.
As you can see, she liked it, and she also thought her upper lip would be good to suck on at that time! She has the suction strength of a baby, that's all I can say!
Meanwhile, Hope found Joy's toy most entertaining. :o)
We arrived at Spruce Meadows a bit before my family which gave me time to do Hopey's hair and let her go potty and such.
We set up our traditional picnic (chicken wings, fruit & veggies) along the front row of one section of seats at Meadows on the Green, and enjoyed the food and fellowship before the jumping began.
Joy chewin' on peas and someone's empty juice box. :o)
And being her cute little self. Thankfully, she was content with Auntie Chloe a fair bit that day, which was special to see.
Workin' the abs while makin' the baby smile.... gotta love it.
Happy times. :o)
Auntie and her nieces. Hope was enjoying all the treats, like chips and cookies.
Some of the Casamayor family came and joined us. It was great to meet them. They've become friends with my family since Josh and I got married so I've heard of them but never met them until now. :o)
It was a grand afternoon and evening for jumping. This is my first trip to Spruce Meadows where it hasn't rained during a competition.
Sleepy Joy with Chenoa.
As the day wore on Joy pretty much just wanted me or wanted to be down near me.
Hope, however, was being very social and friendly with everyone. She thought it was great fun to feed Uncle Luke watermelon as fast as he could eat it...
...or perhaps faster than he could eat it.
By the time it got to be 5:00, Joy didn't want anybody. She was even crying for me, so... Granny figured it was a good time for some Granny time. She took her and walked her till she fell asleep, and thankfully, Joy slept for a while!
Drowsy and drooly.
Just sweet. Shoulda taken a better shot of the hands... oh well. I didn't want Joy to see me and suddenly be discontent with Granny, that's why I stayed where I was.
Josh took Hope to the playground for a while between competitions, and they also went to the van to retrieve a couple things.
Hope chattered and ran most of the day. Ahh.... the energy of little kids.
Hope was kinda bored of watching horses jump over fences, so it was Granny's scarf to the rescue. She played with that thing with the flair of a ten-year old! She was twirling and swaying her hips and prancing around with it like she was a queen.
A little more playtime on the blanket.
Chloe took Hope to play for a while and I found them chasing their shadows together! :o)
No words necessary. It was a perfect, beautiful evening!
Thank YOU, Lord.
We got to watch Ian Miller and Eric Lamaze several times that day.
I will always enjoy watching and always cheer for the Canadians, even though some young whipper-snappers from the States took home the prize money that day.
Daddy's arms were the safe haven for this little one as the evening at Spruce Meadows came to an end.
Hope still hadn't run out of steam. Thankfully, neither had Auntie Chloe.
After a lovely day at Spruce Meadows we joined the Casamayor's and my family for a picnic at a lake near the Casamayor's home. Mum and I contributed some things that we had, and the Casamayor's brought burgers and corn-on-the-cob and watermelon and veggies. It was a delicious meal, and so fun for Canada Day.
It was a bit breezy, but otherwise it was a perfect evening.
Chenoa graciously walked up and down the shore line with Hope, throwing little rocks into the water, sticking their feet in the foamy bubbles and going in the water as I would let them. Hope wanted to go in all the way, but since it was 8:00 at night and not that warm outside and because I didn't want her to get all wet, she didn't. :o)
Chenoa picked up the rocks again and again for Hope... :o) What a dear new friend.
Summer happiness.
I didn't realize how awesome the lighting was when I was snapping these pictures. My God is the maker of beauty!!!

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