Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finishing up the week

Here's a few shots of the kiddos from the weekend.
More morning wake-up time in Joy's playpen. Hope thinks this is the greatest. And Joy seems to like having her big sister thrash around with her in there.
I think this was breakfast on Friday morning. Hope occasionally asks to eat at her little table, and I occasionally agree. I'm inclined towards it more so if Josh isn't eating with us, which he wasn't for this meal. As you can see, he brought me a coffee from Tim's that morning, and Hopey and I were enjoying the 50% off strawberries from Super Store, along with a special treat of blueberries from Mom L.
Chewing again.
I snapped this shot because I noticed how similar the girls are in the length of their torsos when they were playing side by side in the hallway. Hope's legs are somewhat more proportionate to her body than Joy's! Our little Joy weighs as much at 7 1/2 months as Hopey did at 11 months!
And is she ever mobile! She's taken to pulling herself up on things in the last week. It's always better when it's a soft surface underneath her for when she falls. :o)
Sunday was a beautiful day, so we ate lunch outside in the backyard. Hopey wanted to sit in the sandbox/pool to eat hers.
It was warm enough for the swimming pool later - YAY! And... the mosquitoes were miraculously few. They have been just horrid recently, so we haven't been going out nearly as much as we'd like for it being summer. One morning as I was getting Hopey dressed last week she looked out the window at the nice day outside and said "Jesus take mosquitoes away so Hopey can go outside." I seriously think He answered her prayer!
"Look out Hope, here I come."

I laughed watching Hope tickle Joy. Thought you might too. It cracked me up to see Hope pulling Joy's shirt and jumper down for her! I had a talk with Hope about keeping oneself modest this week... apparently she was listening. :o)

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