Monday, July 18, 2011

To Count His Gifts, Vol 5

Selections from 246-332

Song of the rain
Toddler who likes to sing
Abundant blossoms on pansies
Toddler potty trained
Her glowing when I praise her
Strength apart from sleep
Sparkling clean sinks & kettle
Woods moist & fragrant after rain
Sunshine on wind flicked leaves
Soft bed on a Sunday afternoon

Favourite orange juice on sale
Pearl bracelets entertaining daughters in church
New-to-us-clothes from Auntie at a perfect time
Sidewalk chalk
Summer sunshine
Yellow kiddie pool in backyard
Grass clippings on flower beds
Help from family
Perspectives shared
Baby sleeps through storm

Fresh made pancakes at 10:00 pm
Clean windows
Sound of raindrops on puddles
Little girls who love to giggle
Soft cheeks to kiss
Dishes to do
Thanks to give
Healing in grief
Hubby's patience
Pictures of little nephew

Evening sunshine off a lake
Toddler's free-hearted exploration of the shoreline
New friends
Lovely weather on long weekend
Pink and green tea set
Opportunities to give
Abundance of fresh fruit
Frozen-ahead meals
A clean oven
Smiles initiated by baby

Sufficient garden lettuce
Taste-packed fresh mint & parsley
Hot tea and cuddly, wiggly toddler at story-time
Groceries and clothes from family
Toddler listening quietly while I read (asks for more Bile chapters to be read)
New life all around (babies born, pregnancies discovered)
Hubby's violin music
Life lessons from Play Dough
Tea and talk w/old friend on the phone
Blue bird in our lilac tree

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