Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Up to date

And here's a progress report with pictures on how the renos are going, though these pictures are already "old" as more work has been done since I took them.
Josh and Joe worked together on re-doing the electrical over the weekend.
Playing on the new kitchen mat. (the old one was beyond was disgusting!)
Now that Hope has {finally} figured out how to climb up onto chairs herself, I sometimes find her sitting and "reading."
Happy little girl.
Makin' supper, so I gave the little munch-kin a carrot to chew on.
Meanwhile, Hope got a cucumber stick, since she's not messy like Joy.
Quick Sunday afternoon shot. Unlike Hope, Joy is not safe to leave on the counter top, but I was right there with the camera, so the pose was "safe."
Erin McElroy was in Edmonton for a course on the weekend, and we were delighted to have her stay with us. We put a mattress in the sewing room for her since the basement is currently occupied. :o)
Apple pieces and popcorn - Joy's favourites (...along with cucumber.)
Little Missy contemplating standing herself up next to an empty water jug - uh oh!
Erin stayed over through Monday morning so we could visit more, and Hope was spoiled by having extra time to play with "Miss Erin."
Ahhh. Progress. That's part of the shower you see in the background! Good work Joe.
Another trip to the park to escape the construction noise at the house.
I didn't pose her, she did it herself, honest!
"Want an-uver underduck, Mummy!"
It was time to go home.... :o)
"Joy yee-ikes (likes) Hopey, Mummy.""No Joy push Hopey ooooo-ver!"
The fruit of thinning my little carrot patch. :o)
More garden peas. Yum, yum!
A brief time in the pool before supper.
Drywall in, now for the lights. (I love the lighting, by the way! Potlights were a great suggestion, Joe.)
Just being themselves. :o)
Here they come...
...Look out, Mummy!

Joy and Joe at play. :o)

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