Tuesday, August 30, 2011

To move a bin...

After two and a half big days of work, the bin was finally ready to be moved and set into place.Hopey revving up her own little John Deere tractor.
Chloe was home for the weekend, so she and I took the girls out to watch as the bin got set on the base prepared for it.
Little miss two-toother.
Enjoying a fresh baked Monster cookie while we waited for everything to get going.
Dad revving up the real John Deere!
Luke was the spotter, radioing Dad who was driving.
The simplest and the only way to do it was to back up between the barn and the shed and then across the yard.
Here she comes, folks.
Yes, that's a chain she's holding, and yes, it's attached to the bin. :o)
Keeping Twister in line as she crossed the yard.
Slow and steady wins the race.

Almost there.

Watching out that the ladder doesn't hit the other new bin.
Trying to get her facing the right way...
Dad had to drive forward and back in again.

All was good this time.

Chloe's quick hand there to catch Joy if needs be.
Joy has a pretty-good sense of balance, though, and a very good grip, so she rarely falls.

Lowering her into place.
The final incremental movements...and...
The bin wasn't holding level very well, so Dad grabbed some weights to temporarily attach to the backside so it would land evenly.
Still watching.
Laying down the two-sided tape to help keep the bin in place while the bolts were put in and tightened.One of the centers from the rolls of tape made a perfect bracelet for Hopey.
Dad giving the final set of instructions.

Joy had had about enough of bin watching, so Chloe took her to the house with her while she switched around things in the oven.
With a minute to spare Ave wandered over to the other bin and stuck his head in the pocket door and started talking to his own echo!

At last - contact!!! In went the bolts...

Hopey was still watching.

Lining up the holes for more bolts to go in.
And Joy came back to watch again too.

My little girl with the big grin. :o)
The house where I grew up.
The house where I was born.
And Joy in the wagon on the walkway between the two houses.
Mmm Mmm. BBQ chicken for supper.
Joy got a ride before bedtime.
Trying her hardest to get that horn to sound.
One of those beautiful prairie sunsets I miss so much. Didn't have time to go outside to enjoy it, but I enjoyed letting my baby nurse herself to sleep instead.

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