Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Family Friday

Mum and Dad rolled in to our place around 11:30 Thursday evening. We didn't see them till breakfast the next morning.Joy-Belle is still struggling with congestion in her chest and nose, so Granny sat with her in the sunshine for a good while to give her some Vitamin D. Meanwhile, Hopey was warming up to everyone else. Papa read her John Deere tractor book to her which she enjoyed.
After breakfast, Hope helped us clear the table. On her own, she took all the cereal boxes and lined them up neatly beside the cupboard where they go and even opened the door so a big person could reach in and put them away.
Smiles for Uncle Avery before Mum, Joy and I went out to run a few errands.
If I ever wondered where Joy was I just had to look for Avery.
Napping in the recliner with the cuddly little one.
Guess Luke passed her back to Ave. :o)
A new game...
The trust of a child is so delightful.
The more you let yourself go, the more wonderful it is to be caught.
The eyes say it all.
Listening to Papa make fun noises with his mouth. He wins over all babies that way. :o)
Joy, sporting a nice double chin.
Granny trying to play blocks with a very tired Hope. Bedtime came minutes after this shot. :o)

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