Friday, March 18, 2011

Home Time Vol II

Hopey is really starting to notice when Joy is within her reach and liking to go to her with toys or go talk to her, which is such a blessing. Joy likes watching that little toy Hope has because it makes a merry rattling sound and is brightly coloured.
Little miss dancer. (you'll see the video later in this post)
This was about 10:30 one night this week. Doesn't Joy just look like she's ready to fall asleep???
Gotta love the time change. Gotta love her fist! :o) And I had just fed her, so she wasn't chewing her fist from hunger... she just loves to stick it in her mouth!
Daddy tries talking to her to see if that will help settle her down.
Still very animated and active with her hands. Starbucks peppermint tea is awesome! (note the cups in the background of the picture.) I highly recommend it!
Happy time in the kitchen while Mommy works. :o)
"What's up, folks?"
Weighing in at 11 pounds. She definitely carries her chub in her chins and her legs!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
"I just love my baby sister!"
"Can't you tell?"
"JOY!!!" Hope usually says it with a lengthened "j" sound at the beginning. :o)
This morning we turned on Sunday school songs and danced around the kitchen after breakfast (aka "aerobics Mommy style") and Hope wanted to have a bear in her arms since I had Joy in my arms.
She was taking a little break...
Then she decided that since Joy wasn't in the bouncer that her bear should be in it.


  1. I agree with you on Starbucks mint tea! It is my go-to-drink when I'm pregnant since I try to watch my caffeine intake. =) Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon!

  2. Awww, Hope is getting so big! :) Your girls are simply precious.