Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Saturday dawned in the Grove, and with Lydia's help we sat down to brunch together as a family shortly after 10:00. :o) Joy working on her standing skills with Papa's help. She likes to stand for remarkable lengths of time, and is very strong. When she stands on my legs I notice she sometimes stiffens her leg muscles and rotates "forward" onto her tip-toes. :o)
Granny and Hope get more play time together while the guys play a board game at the dining room table.
Making sure the sleeping one stays asleep for me while I trim Lyd's hair in the kitchen.
So sweet to see my Mum with her grand-babies. :o)
Mum trimmed Hope's bangs for me, and got Hope the little mirror so she could see. This, of course, delighted Hope.
Keepin' warm...
With lots of smiles to warm the hearts around her.
Luke interacting with Joy while Ave looks on...
"No! Really?"
"See, I told ya Uncle Luke - someone's watching us!"
Hmm hmm. I heard this was Avery's idea.
Hope rather liked it. I wasn't sure about 21 pounds being in the bouncer, though I suppose there are babies who weigh that much.
An odd picture, I know. Mum helped me bathe the girls and she pointed out the chub on Joy's shin, accented by her tiny ankle. I had to chuckle, and take a picture of course. :o) Joy is 11.2 pounds now... well on the way to catching big sister Hope. :o)
Being that it was Hope's last day of being 1, and being that the rest of us wanted to play a game, we let her open a gift so she could play with a new toy for a bit before bed.
She was thrilled with the Mega Blocks dump truck from Ave, and showed all of us what sound it made.

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