Thursday, March 10, 2011

Home Time

Bedtime stories on Daddy's lap.I loved it how they had their arms around each other.
Enchanted by the pictures.
Happy Joy.
"Hi-a! I'm the chubby one of the bunch! I eat way more than Mommy or Daddy or sister Hope!"
"And I like to grab things with my hands. I have a very good grip, you know."
Hope can get into the rocking chair on her own now. :o) Hurray!
She thought she needed a story book to look at while she was in her rocking chair.
"Kank-oo, Mommy." ("Thank-you")
The pose didn't last long enough for smiles, but at least they're both looking at the camera.
Joy grinning at sister Hope and her antics.
Hope thought Joy should be wearing the bib that was nearby...
Then she wanted to hold Joy.
Singing away... actually, most times it sounds more like yodeling. :-)
Happy to be together. I love the nurturing heart I see in Hope.
She likes Joy's fuzzy hair.
And she likes holding hands.
The other day, a friend stopped by with some gifts for the girls. Hope spotted them after her nap and enjoyed opening them a little bit later.
"What is this big fluffy thing?"
It was a dog, you can see some of it behind her. And new shoes - for Joy, but some of them fit Hope right now. :o)
Ride 'em Hopey!
Thinking happy thoughts about sending the ball rolling down the hallway or across the living room floor for Mommy to get.

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