Monday, March 14, 2011

The Weekend here and away

Last week held anticipation of a weekend visit from Lydia and attending our church's annual ladies retreat with her. Sister time in the kitchen.
On her own, Hope pulled up her chair and plopped herself down right with Joy to play together with Joy's new butterfly hanging toy.
Josh wasn't feeling so hot after dinner Thursday night and I had quite a large mess in the kitchen, so we swapped jobs and he took care of the girls while I cleaned up the kitchen.
Friday morning brought happiness for Hope as she found Auntie Lyddie in the house. Auntie had brought gifts for Joy from some of the church people in the south, and Hope promptly opened them for her!
She gets so excited when she sees new clothes!
Friday, late in the afternoon, after I was packed, the house was in order, and the fridge was full of cooked food, Lydia and I left Hope with her Daddy for the weekend and headed to the retreat at Camp Nakamun. Upon arrival at the camp, Joy had to eat so Lyd and I pulled out the Scrabble game, lit a candle and ate some GF gingersnaps that Hope and Lydia had made earlier that morning.
I took the playpen along for Joy. Guess she must have flipped her shirt up with her frolicking arms.
Had there been a prize for the most-held-individual at the retreat Joy would have won it I think! Pictured here are Coral and Val. Love you two beautiful ladies!!!
Val loves kids and her first baby is due in May! She said her baby started kicking when she srt Joy on top of her Mummy-tummy.
Perched on Auntie Lydia's lap and looking like she rules the conversation at the table.
Back in the quieter quarters of our room Joy spends some of her energy with tummy time on top of Auntie Lyddie.
Joy was being quite talkative. :o)
Saturday morning awake time on Mommy's bed. She woke up and ate at 6:45 and was up for the day!!! After nursing she graciously laid quietly beside me while I rested for a bit because I wasn't ready to get up then!
Meanwhile, back at the house, Daddy and Hope find something to do and something to eat at the same time.
According to Josh, he wanted to redeem his free coffee at Tim's before he forgot about it. So, Hope had a PB cookie while Josh had a cappuccino and then they went to Wendy's and ordered more of a "real lunch," which they ate at home. Fries and cookies and Daddy time. What more could a little girl ask for? :o)
Saturday evening as the singing was starting at the retreat, Di, who was leading worship, noticed baby Gemma was clapping and bouncing and swinging around in her Mommy's arms, so Di asked them to come up so everyone could see. :o)It was pretty priceless and sure got the joy flowing!
The finished product of Saturday afternoon's activity. We were each given a blank canvas with the instruction to seek the Lord as to what our heart looked like and then create it with the art supplies that were provided. Mine is the white one in the top lh corner with a Scripture verse done in calligraphy, edged with bright flowers. Lydia's is the watercolour of flowers and a birdcage, 5 in from the left and 3 down from the top.
Sunday afternoon, back at home. :o)
Watching us adults play our traditional game of 9-5-2. I majorly lost, by the way!
Catching a late afternoon snooze on daylight-saving-Sunday!

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