Monday, March 21, 2011

A Snowy Sunday

This week I went through all the baby clothes, putting away ones they've outgrown, and ones they've yet to grow into. So many pretty gifts from kind people. While I was in the mess of sorting and putting things away, I also pulled out some spring/summer cloths for the girls... mostly dresses. Though there's no signs of spring outside here just yet, now there is indoors! I did a whole bunch of laundry one day and then ironed a bunch another day, and they had a closet full of soft pink, blue, purple and yellow - a little girls' delight!
I snapped this quick before church, as I didn't know how long the outfit and hair do would last once we got back from church and she got playing. :o) Thanks to Heather Fehr for the pretty dress and shoes for Hope. Thanks to my Mum for the sweater. Thanks to my Heavenly Father for a pretty little girl who likes to wear dresses and hair bows.
And then there's Joy. Hope used to wear these cloths, though Hope was a lot older when she wore them than Joy is. :o)
If she looks full it's because she is, or was... however you want to say that.
"Uhmm... Mommy...
...don't ya know my back muscles aren't strong enough for this yet?"
Daddy's hand to the rescue!!!
Is that my Mum's cheek bone?
After nap time (we all had long naps!, thank you, Joy) Hope had a one track mind for playing with balls, which her Daddy graciously did with her while I made a snack for Bible Study and talked to Lorrie on the phone.
My man and his little girls.
Back home from Bible Study in their matching jammies from Grandma L. I always get Joy into hers before leaving Bible Study, and thought I would try doing Hope's too this week to see if bedtime could happen quicker once we got home.
...Giving Joy a kiss. Josh was snapping these. Thanks, hun!
"Square." Joy's gonna be smart if Hope has anything to do with it!

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