Monday, March 21, 2011

Friday company and Saturday antics

Friday night we had the opportunity to share a meal in our home with our friends the Carltons.Joy very graciously slept through dinner which allowed me to hostess more easily. Then she woke up and ate and was very sociable and pass-around-able afterwards. It's an extra blessing when your little ones can be blessings to others. :o) Joy smiling up at Clint in this picture.
Karen held Joy for quite a while. We talked and talked and played a game... such a blessed time together.
Farrah gets a turn. She was only 2 when her brother was born so she didn't really hold him much as a baby. :o)
Hope and Farrah were playing happily at the corner table and Caden wanted to join in. As there were only two chairs I got him a stool to sit on. That made him happy. Then, Hope wandered a bit and plopped herself down on the footstool beside him. It was pretty cute, cause she reached over and rubbed/patted his back, like she does with Joy! Karen and I just laughed! Too bad I wasn't a bit quicker on the draw with my camera!
"Take picture, yeah!"
Saturday afternoon we had the chance to do an extended test drive with a minivan we're looking at purchasing. After our adventures around Spruce Grove and Stony Plain, Josh unloaded Hope's carseat from the van so he could return it. I was putting things away in the rooms down the hall and came out to find Hope in her own little world in her carseat, having a jolly time.
Hope gives more hugs now that we have Joy. :o)
About to saying something... can't remember what. She kept getting in and out, exchanging her doll for stuffed animals...
"Do buckle. Do self." Oh yes, we're in the "do it myself" stage folks! :o) Thankfully, she is willing to accept help readily if she realizes she can't do it herself.
New passengers....
Okay. I'll admit it. I was goofing around with Joy after supper while waiting for Hope to finish her food. I was needing to give the girls a bath, so I just took Joy's socks off a little ahead of time.
Babies are so flexible!
Joy was quite enjoying this game. :o)
And the funny faces were making me laugh!!!
"Hello feet. If you come any closer I'm gonna chew on you." (she chews on almost anything she can put into her mouth with her hands... quite different from Hope!)
Before we went out to test drive the van I had the girls with me in the sewing room whree I was doing some ironing. Joy was contentedly playing on her blankie on the floor when Hope got an idea! She sat down at Joy's feet, picked up her legs and started moving Joy's legs and saying one of the rhymes Lorrie used to do with her kids, which I did with Hope and do often with Joy as well. Eventually, Hope decided I should say the rhyme and she should do the motions. Worked great! Thankfully, Josh was available to catch it on video. :o)


  1. I love those doobie-doo babies! Joy's cheeks look very squishable and kissable . . . can't wait to smooch 'em!

  2. Ok so I figured it out Erin!!! Love the pictures and had a wonderful evening thanks so much.