Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Joy's Baby Dedication and Hope's 2nd Birthday

On Sunday, we dedicated Joy to the Lord during the morning service at our church. (Spruce Grove Community Church) Sunday was also Hope's second birthday, so it was extra memorable for us.What a precious blessing to have two little daughters, gifts from our King, and to seek to lead them to Jesus as we submit our lives to Him.
It was very special that Mum and Dad could be with us.
To us, a dedication is an outward sign of an inward commitment, done in the presence of our local body of saints, that they might hold us accountable as we purpose to raise Joy (and Hope) for God.
Ken and Di Bitner spoke words of prayer and blessing over us. We have appreciated their investment into our lives and their friendship to us in our time spent at Community.
My Dad offered a beautiful prayer of blessing and petition over Joy, asking that she might come to know Jesus as her Lord and Saviour, be a woman of virtue and grace, and be blessed with gifts of music and play with grace, "like her aunties" as he said. At that time, I didn't even know that Joy was looking at Dad. Precious how she's gripping her Daddy's finger too.
Then, Luke captured this amazing moment, because Joy all of a sudden broke into a smile when Dad prayed the part about gifts of music. Wow!!! What delight and awe rushed through me when others told me of this afterwards.
Okay, on to the adventure of the afternoon. Upon request, Chloe made this poster for Hope, even though she couldn't come up for the weekend with everyone else.
Hope's still a child of few well-liked tastes, but she does love rice and these GF breadsticks I make, so that was what she got for her birthday lunch.
Auntie Lyddie with the littlest one.
WHAT is he doing? Well, Luke was playing the virtual piano on Josh's ipad, and Ave was groovin' to the tune...I think it was Flight of the Bumblebee or The Maple Leaf Rag.
Little Hopey opening her presents with much excitement, animation, and commentary. "O my!" was what she was saying here. No, we didn't cue her.
"Special present." She said.
Contently looking on while big sister Hope opens presents.
After lunch, the birthday girl had a nap, and Granny put Joy to sleep on her arm which meant I lucked out and got a little nap myself.
Cuddled up to Granny, all nice and warm.
The birthday girl gettin' her beauty sleep. I think it was 5:40 when she finally woke up!
Ave whisked her right up after her nap and they enjoyed some popcorn together.
A new toque made by Auntie Lyddie!!!
Thus began the trying-on sequence. Hope ends up with quite the outfit by the end, as you'll see in the next few shots.
Hope wanted Lydia to try it on.
Well, I guess standing on the table is one way to get into the present when you're little like Hope. Note: this is not normal decorum in our home!
Clothes from Grandma Lorrie.
A happy pair. Hope's modeling her new wind suit jacket.
Speaking of happy, don't forget me:
Joyful Joy!
Look out presents, here she comes! This is why you don't give fragile gifts to toddlers!
Chillin' with his six-stringed companion.
The flower hair clips were from Mum, the Calgary Flames slippers from Luke!!! Hope wanted each flower to go in her hair as I took them off the card, so I obliged. What are little girls' birthdays for, after all?
And some Lego from us. She wasn't so sure what to think about the Thomas train engine, so I put that piece away. (btw, we got the Lego at Once-Upon-A-Child... in case Joy was a boy, but since she wasn't we decided it still made a fun gift.)
Thanks for the candle, Mum!
Blowin' it out like a pro. I only re-lit it three times for her. :o)
She picked up the whole thing, candle and all, to take her first bite out of the side.
And... a little video of how Ave got Joy to giggle. :o)

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  1. Hi Friend - It's been good catching up on your blog and what's happening in the lives of the little Langemann's. We NEED to get together soon.

    Hope you have a lovely day!!
    Love, Nicole