Saturday, March 5, 2011

This week at #40 Greenwood Close

Hi again!

Here's a few pic's from this week.
It was a delightfully normal week around the house. We did lots of laundry and cooking and napping... all those good things for Mommy's and little girls.
A very tired Hopey gets her hair blow-dried by Daddy before bedtime.
Configuring her blocks in new ways these days. Shoulda shot this from a different angle...
She still loves to "do bubbles" at the kitchen sink. I made a waterproof apron for her which makes the experience easier for me to clean up - ie: I don't have to change her clothes afterward as well cleaning up the water from the floor. :o)
Thoughtful one.
Looking towards where Hope was.
Little Missy has a brownie for the first time.
Last night the Watoto Children's choir ( did a concert at our church. We billeted two girls and an "auntie" overnight, and after a long sleep last night, the girls had fun with our girls this morning. This is Immaculate with Joy.
Sophi with Joy.
When I asked them what they liked to do and they replied "run and jump and dance... skip rope...skate board..." I thought.... "oh boy. Poor kids in Canada in the winter." However, Hope's leftover birthday balloons provided the perfect things to frolic around with in the living room! Praise the Lord! :o)
The Mega Blocks were a hit too, and Hope shared very well, praise the Lord!
Hope was just delighted for new playmates and called them "girls."
Immaculate also loved having her picture taken. Why not? :o)
Big beautiful smile! We were so blessed to have them stay with us. They gave us the best hugs ever and helped with the dishes too!

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  1. Really like the waterproof apron, Erin. You are so clever! Looks like Hopey likes it too. And I loved your last post, with the dedication pictures. Sigh. What a beautiful thing.