Friday, October 28, 2011

All about Joy

This post is just pictures of my littlest one, and all the faces she makes. Sorry, I know I keep doing sequences of her... guess I'm addicted... good thing - cause I'm her Mommy! :o)
My Mum got her that outfit! Just love it on her!!!
"Now, what did you tell me not to do, Mum?"
This cute dress was also from my Mum. It has an adorable matching sweater, but it wasn't that cold, so I didn't have the sweater on her in the house.
This was Sunday afternoon after Josh had left for Denver and Chloe for Lethbridge. Hope was still sleeping, but my little gal was keeping me company, and I was glad for it. :o)

"Oh - a bear!"
"I think I'll hold him."
"Then again... he's boring. Forget it!"
"But wait - what's that sparkly thing around his neck?"
"Okay, I like him again."
"But not for long."
Ahhhhem! "Joy - sit down," I told her.
Thought it was a big funny game, she did. :o)
"Hmm, the edge of the chair seems like it might be a cool place to hang out..."
"Hey Mommy - whatca doin' down there?" I was gonna catch her if she fell, that's what! And... take her picture too. :o)
It was quiet later and when I went to find her, I caught her standing staring out the window. :o) Sigh. God made kids so cute! What blessings. :o)

And thus passed a lonely but blessed Sunday afternoon. :o) So thankful for my camera and my subjects. :o)

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