Monday, October 3, 2011

The faces and adventures of last week

Things seemed quiet after Matthew and Christy left, and it took a couple days for Hope to stop asking where they went. We gradually returned to the normal ebb and flow of home life as the four Little Langemanns.
Snack in a laundry basket! I thought it might keep the mess contained but it proved to be too close for comfort as Joy wanted Hope's container as much as Hope did.
Joy started making this funny scruntch-up-my-nose type of face, so you'll see lots of my attempts to capture it on camera in this post. :o)
Uhm... I need to find a hat that fits her... I know.
Little clown!
Hammin' it up for Daddy.
"Hi JOY!"
And... you know how it goes after eating watermelon... :o) Everything's sticky, so you might as well take it all off.
Peaceful beauty on my kitchen table. "Thy Word is a lamp to my feet, O Lord." Good just to pause and enjoy the golden sunlight of fall days.
Watermelon again.
She's cutting two top teeth right now and has been kinda fussy, so anything we could find to appease and occupy her in the food department last week was significant.
On the go - almost always. Thanks Cheri (Hamvas) for the new lady bug outfits for the girls! We love 'em!
Hmm.... who's gonna win this one? Let's just say the girl with more padding landed on her rump and... we quickly found a new game to play.
Helping me bake banana bread, or "manna bread" as Hope says. I've got the fall baking bug, and am so enjoying baking with my girls.
Yep - it hath begun - Joy the sturdy took her first turn on the chair while Hopey finished napping that day.
And she loved it!!! I quickly jumped back into my routine of standing right beside one edge of the chair and keeping a constant watch on the other side, lest a little foot should miss-step!
Drawing on Daddy's ipad like Hope does (don't worry, it's a program on the pad the girls use - no real drawing instruments involved).
Talking to Granny on the phone on Saturday morning.
The pumpkin was muddy and I was gonna clean it before cooking it in the oven anyways, and Hope was in need of something to do, so... I let her have fun with it. :o)
Look who migrated over to join big sis for snacks!
Saturday saw the beginning of the landscaping work in the yard. Three young guys are doing it for us, and my girls have been loving standing at the windows watching them. Topsoil was spread so grass could be seeded.
Some grass started being dug up so a little garden could be formed beside the front patio.
Bricks were brought in for edging the front bed and the side garden.
Front bed was prepared for brick edging. The weather is lovely and cool - perfect for that kind of work. It is more than a little hard for me to not be out there doing the landscaping too, because I'll always love that kind of stuff; but I also love my little girls and hubby and know my place is to care for them now. And my sweet hubby did watch Joy for an hour or so while Hope was napping on Saturday afternoon so I could be free to go out and prune the rose bushes. That was a gift to me.

And speaking of gifts, the folks in our church have taken up a challenge from one of the elders to share things they are thankful for as their daily status updates on Facebook. I was moved to tears more than once last week, just reading thanks from open hearts of those we are starting to know as friends. Oh how gently our God leads us who are with young.

Enjoy the videos! Joy's finding her feet and Hopey was helping me prepare some excess apples to be bagged and frozen for applesauce to be enjoyed this winter.

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