Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Of pies and wagons

Good evening! Just posting a few smiles from my girlies from this week before losing myself in the blessing of my family all being here for Thanksgiving. Won't be long and she'll be walking away from that chair.
Joy watching the workers lay bricks to edge the patio bed.
Makin' pastry for pumpkin pie. :o)
She did pretty good with the pastry hook once I got the big lumps of shortening pressed down.
Was rather happy to be helping.
We moved to the kitchen table to roll the pastry, and pulled Joy up to join in the fun.
Hope took it upon herself to set Joy up with a floured work space. Very thoughtful.
This looks way more intelligent than it is. The first thing Joy did of course, was to pick up the piece of dough and taste it. :o)
Hope actually got the hang of it. I just finished and fine tuned her rolling job at the end. :o)
"Joy, you need more flour?"
How can someone so young look so... exasperated?
Picture doesn't show it too well, but she had flour all over her face and in her hair and on her ears and.... and, and... you get the idea.
7 pumpkin pies. Not bad for a morning.
Some work was going on in the backyard right underneath her window at naptime, so I let her stay up for a while and then let her nap on the couch, which she thought was really special. And she was obedient too when I told her to lay down her head and go to sleep. Thank You, Lord!
Wanted my apple. :o)
Aww. Love my little girl.
And love this one too. She was putting cookies away into the container for me. "Uh, Mommy - there's too many. They don't fit" she told me as she got near the end. And when I looked, she was right!
Of her own accord, Hopey asked if she could help us dry dishes. Wow!
Meanwhile, little clown Joy contented herself with the blocks and their wagon.
And was good enough to do some of her funny faces for Mommy's camera. :o)
Then it was bathtime, and storytime...
...and one more picture, because she asked. :o)

I picked up a Duplo blocks wagon for the girls second-hand a couple weeks ago, and we usually keep it downstairs, but Hope asked if we could bring it up to play with one afternoon. And so we did, and it's still up here. It even has it's own "parking garage" - under one of the end tables. Hope came up with that arrangement. :o)
So, I've been wanting to get videos of Hope singing, because it's just so cute. I mean no personal embarrassment by posting videos of her singing on the potty, but she was just larking away in there, and I couldn't resist. When I try to take a video of her and she knows it, it usually doesn't work out. By the way, we normally don't let her wear her apron into the bathroom, but there were other extraneous circumstances at this time. :o) First song is Johnny Appleseed, second song is Amazing Grace.

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