Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Pt 1

Hello again!

For Canadian Thanksgiving we were blessed to have my whole family come for a visit. It's been almost 2 yrs since everyone has been at our house at the same time, so the opportunity for memory-making was all the more cherished.
Mom, Dad and the boys rolled in Thursday night and my sisters came after work on Friday. Mom brought a box full of gourds from her garden, and Hope was delighted with all the "yittle, pumpkins."
Hopey watching a real artist draw. :o)
Dad and the boys kept busy outside and put in a sidewalk for us along the front of our lot.
It is wonderful to have a walkway right beside where we park the van. Makes it so much nicer for getting in and out. :o)
Mum and I bundled up the girls and braved the blustery day to take the girls to the park.
Little kids are the best -they don't care if it's cold and windy. :o)
After our walk, Hopey got to help Granny process fresh applesauce for lunch.
One of Avery's creative ways of packing Joy around.
Saturday morning brunch with Chloe and Lydia too!
After brunch, Lydia, Mum and I went to a friends to get some perennials from a friend's garden. We planted them later in the afternoon while the others went for a walk. :o)
It was a great day for yard work. I have a picture of Lydia digging up the garden bed with Hope from last October, so I thought I should take a pic of the two of them doing it together again this year. :o)
Jammin' with Uncle Luke.
Her rhythm was impeccable! She was watching when Luke would change chords and would strum each time she saw his fingers move. It was so cute.

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