Thursday, October 27, 2011

A walk to the park with Auntie Chloe

Chloe no sooner made it back to Lethbridge from Thanksgiving, than she got back in her vehicle and came up north again ten days later to join us for a worship conference at our church. As the conference was mostly mornings and evenings, we did have a bit of time to "do stuff" as Hopey says, with her. Such as go to the park.
"I puttin' my's hands in my's pockets so dey don't get coooold, Mommy."

"I marchin', Mommy. Mommy - can you march wiff me?" :o) As long as marching doesn't turn to stomping I can. :o)
Swingin' with my babe.
I don't know who was having more fun - Chloe or Hope and Joy. :o)
This is Hope's version of putting her legs up to propel herself on the swing. Chloe and I couldn't help but laugh!
This loveliness was missing just one thing...
...but not for long!
Hooray!!!Hopey soon caught up to us and joined Chloe on the slope of golden leaves. (Hope had been collecting leaves as she walked along the path, and let's just say it was taking a very long time as she was picking up pretty much every leaf she encountered, so Chloe and I were waiting ahead of her at this little slope in the park.)

Here she goes......
A moment of magic, well not magic... a moment of delight, wonder, simplicity.
The crispness of fall is such a lovely gift from the Lord.
All good earthly things must come to an end, so home for nap time we went. :o)

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