Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thanksgiving by Luke

You've already seen my pictures of Thanksgiving, but I thought I would post a few pictures Luke took, which capture things from a different angle. :o)This is Joy at suppertime - Joy the Entertainer. :o)

Love that upper lip.
A distant thought captures her attention.
And... she was done for the night. :o)
Love the composition of this shot.
Little girl tackles cob of corn.
Half-cob, that is. :o)
Avery packed Joy around like this quite a bit when they were here, and they both seemed to like it. :o)
Family pictures after church.
The others were throwing leaves to try and get the girls to smile.

Gulp. Love this one. Joy-Belle did so good. We pulled her away from a lovely nap in her carseat to take these pictures. :o)

Sigh. Such good friends.
I felt rather like a runt.
But that's okay! So much to look up to in my sibs! ;o)

Bet model's would give big bucks for her gorgeous eyes! :o) God is great.

Walking back from the park, and Joy didn't want to be in the stroller.
She'll only be little for so long. :o)

Little squirt is almost walking. In the bath the other night, she pulled herself up to a standing position and then let go of the tub edge and kept on standing!! (till I sat her down, of course!)

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