Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Pt 2

Thanksgiving Sunday, after a full morning at church, we headed over to a park to take some family pictures. (more of those pics to come in the next post)Josh snapped a few of Hope at play.

Papa and his girls.
So thankful for my Dad! To this day he is one of my very best friends and most trusted counselors.

Playing an amusing game of catch phrase later in the day after a yummy and simple Thanksgiving dinner.
Descriptive as ever.
Saying goodnight to Papa.
Riding high in the world in Uncle Luke's arms.
Putting Joy's hairband back in place.
She was in a watchful mood.
Play time with Granny on Monday morning. Hope was thrilled to have Granny all to herself and play pretend with her.:o)
Meanwhile, Papa kept Joy occupied.
Could it be? Is she really starting to look at books?
They even played in the container drawer together.
Then we all went for a walk to Jubilee Park.

A quiet moment on the picnic table.

Hopey and her Papa walking back to the swings while the others of us were playing ball nearby. Chloe pointed out their similar stride!
I was caught putting my feet up in the double stroller!
Love Joys arms.

Now - can you hold your body like that while being held in the air?

Look out for the "L.C.'s!"

Then, after a quick lunch together, everyone but Lydia hit the road for Lethbridge/Foremost. Lyd didn't have to work till 3:00 the next day so she stayed another night with us. With an available babysitter on hand, Josh and I took the rare opportunity to go out for a couple hours and do something together, which was very special. :o)

God is good, dear ones! Remember - realize - and give thanks!

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