Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Many Adventures and Faces of Hope and Joy, Vol II

Since my folks' Thanksgiving visit, there have been a few crisp, golden, chilly, awesome fall days, and my girls and I did some yardwork together on one of them. Well actually, I did most of it while they were napping, but they helped me finish.
One angle of the front flower bed.
Note the Cheerios on the ground.
Note the dirt around the mouth... and you figure out how it got there!!
Hopey really wanted to hold the hose, so she watered the little patch of sod in front of the back gate for me.
Baby-friendly baking at their little table.
Beside Joy is Summer Winsinger, daughter of our U.S. friends, Daryl and Reba, who are in Canada for 6 weeks on business. We had a fun evening with them!
Cracks me up how babies like to chew on things all the time. :o)
My two little clowns, dressed and ready for Moms 'n Tots last Tuesday.

That's about as much hair as she has, and that's about as messy as it ever gets. She'd slept hard that particular day.
And now, welcome to the second edition of "Mealtime faces by Joy."
....drum roll.... "Bat baby!!!" (remember Chance on Homeward Bound?)
"Uhm, I'm showing off how well this new styling gel called 'Sticky Hands' works! On sale at 'Beauty by Babes' this week! Recommended for ages 2 and under."
"Don't you make fun of me, Mr. Camera!!!"
"Ha ha! I'll show you - I can make more faces than you can capture!!!"
"Well now, you don't say?""Get the idea Mom - I'm DONE!"
And her pretty big sister, up on Daddy's shoulder. :o)

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