Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Farm time, Pt 2

Thursday morning Hope woke up in an intense two-year-old mood, and I was extra thankful for Mom and Avery's patience and prayers in helping with her that day!!! :o)
Ave built a cool train out of the Janga stacking pieces and Hope could hardly wait to crash it. Thankfully she did wait though, as Joy was nursing at the time that Ave built it and I wanted Joy to finish before the lovely noise of crashing wooden pieces happened.
Long-armed, long-legged Ave. :o)
About to bash the busy box.
See. :o)
Later that morning I packed the girls up in the van and drove to town for a visit with Great-Grandma. Thankfully, Joy was in a hold-able mood.
Well, sort of. :o) Seems to me I have a picture just like this of Grandma holding Hope when Hope was about that size. :o)
After lunch, Grandma and Hope played pretend with the Tupperware measuring cups in the living room while I nursed Joy. Around 2:15 Hope started getting blankets and pillows and putting them on the floor and then she asked for a book. I knew she was tired, as that is her normal nap time, but we couldn't do much about it just then since Joy was still nursing. So... Grandma and I just enjoyed watching Hope play and chatter some more. :o)
Towels are for dress-up too, right? :o)
There has been soooo much rain in Southern Alberta this spring that this sign seriously is on the road a 1/4 mile from Dad and Mum's farm!!! Of course, there's no other way into the farm than that 1/4 mile stretch of road either, so we just went around it. :o)
This bag of "Little People" toys kept her occupied for a good little while. I used to love to play with those toys when I was a kid.
The clouds and rain finally lifted and the sun came out on Thursday night. Ave helped me take the girls out for a little bit of fresh air before bedtime. Hopey loved having Joy with her in the wagon and did a very good job of holding Joy up.
I think Hope was a little disgruntled that I had told her we had to go in soon. Though it was sunny it was after 8pm... :o)
Night-night everyone. :o)
Thursday night Chloe and Lydia drove down from Lethbridge so we could be all together as a family. We stayed up late Thursday night watching a movie, just so glad to be all together. :o)
Friday morning Joy decided to get up early!!! Ahhh yessss. Oh well.
I enjoyed the country sunshine in the living room with my littlest one while the house was quiet.
Eyelash shadows. Love it. :o)
Joy loved this toy.
I think the green one was her favourite. Hope's favourite at that age was yellow. :o)
"What are you thiiiiinking about, little Joy?"
I know the lighting is backwards in these shots, but I wanted to try and capture the cuteness of the girls playing with Granny on the quilt.
Two girls in yellow with their Granny on the farm. That spells happiness to me. :o)
Same facial expressions.
And again. Must be sisters. :o)
Time for Chloe to get some Joy-cuddles. :o)
Watching Avery blow bubbles.
I couldn't quite capture it, but Ave would catch a big bubble on the blower stick and put it in front of Joy and she would pop it with her fingers.
Little miss active. :o)
This was our last afternoon at the farm, and before having a short nap, Hope got to go out and
"help" Lyddie in her garden for a bit. :o)
Then she "helped" Auntie Chloe put some lilacs in a vase to take to the girls' house in Lethbridge.
While Lyd put Hope down for her nap, Chloe, Joy and I walked around the farm a bit, enjoying the beauty and quiet of the countryside where we grew up. Joy was napping in Chloe's arms, covered by a blanket, but she woke up shortly after we came indoors.
Then we got all dolled-up to go to a piano recital in Lethbridge.
It was a dream come true to take my girls to one of Craig Webber's (my former piano teacher) recitals. Joy spent most of the recital in the foyer with Chloe or I as her enjoyment of music was too vocal for the hollow-sounding church. :o) We did get to watch Lyddie perform one of the pieces from the lullaby CD she is working on, and, two of my former students also study with Craig now, so it was very fulfilling and inspiring to watch them perform too.
A whole lot 'o love there! Thanks for the cute purple dresses, Mum!
Having tea at Chloe and Lydia's house after the recital. Great-Grandma was at the recital too. Hope drank soooo much peppermint tea that night! Needless to say, her morning diaper was hilariously soggy the next day.
The girls and I spent the night at Chloe and Lydia's, and enjoyed a lovely late breakfast together before driving to Calgary to pick up Josh from the airport. Chloe made the biggest gluten-free pancakes I ever have seen. This one reminded me of the moon. Hope ate about half of it!
"Uhhh, whatcha doin' up there everybody???"
Hope needed an activity to do while I loaded the van, so dishes it was. Her shirt did get a little soaked, but oh well. It dried. Eventually.
In the parkade at the Calgary airport, the girls each with their new stuffed toys from Daddy.
As you can see, Hope bonded with hers right away, and wanted it close to her - as in buckled-in-the-car-seat-close-to-her. :o)
A couple days after this we were looking for her moose at naptime and I just thought I'd ask her if she knew who got it for her. She thought for a minute, then said "Daddy give it you (gave it to me). Daddy give it you in van. Daddy get it at airplane. (at the airport)" Okay then. She has a great memory and the ability to articulate it too.
The fingers.... always the fingers.

We were blessed with a lovely drive home. I was especially grateful that Josh drove the rest of the way, which freed me up to rest my eyes a bit and tend to the girls' needs a little more easily. It was so great to be back together with my hubby after a week apart. We chatted happily on the way home and braved a restaurant together with the girls in Leduc where we stopped for supper on the way home. After another quick stop to pick up a few essential grocery items, we made it home by 9:00. The girls were wired after a good day in the van, so....after the water in the house got hot again I plopped them in the tub for a good soak, and we all managed to make it to bed by midnight and to church only a little bit late the next morning. :o) Hope was so happy to be home. She helped us tote in things from the van, chattering happily about being "home at Hopey's house." :o)

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