Saturday, June 4, 2011

Home Time Vol VI

It's been a full week at our house. I found I had to tell myself to stop and capture the moments with my camera. All the places-to-go, people-to-see, and things-to-do cannot compare to His gifts that surround me, bless me, amuse me and exhaust me day in and day out!This week Joy discovered the highly entertaining spinning top. She just watches and watches it when its going around and picks it up and bangs it around when it's still.One's thinking far away thoughts and the other one's just managing to keep her eyeballs open. Off to the park we went. Joy napped on the walk over and Hope had loads of fun watching the kids at the park and telling the little boy to go down the slide while she watched from the top! She did manage to muster up the courage to slide down a few times herself!
A picnic on the lawn with my girls. Joy-Joy progressed greatly in her sitting up abilities this week!
And, as you can see, she's trying to add crawling to her list of achievements too!
But, she's got a ways to go yet on that one.
My determination and prayed-over goal for Friday was to get through the back log of ironing.
The girls played at my feet and took turns amusing each other while my Rowenta and I glided over uncounted garments.
My goofy girlie, or "Hopey funny" as she likes to describe herself.
Good old measuring spoons. She had been banging on the metal bowl with them for a while, but chewing won out in the end. I did get through the ironing, by the way! PTL!
Chillin' in the warm laundry. Looks like she's about too big for the basket and her sleeper too! She weighed 13 1/2 pounds when I weighed her at bath time tonight!
There's a grin. I think her gums have been bothering her this week... she's been far more somber and teary than usual. Hope already had 2 teeth by the time she was Joy's age, so we're expecting it any day now.
Like Hope, Joy found the Serger thread to be quite fun to play with.
Hanging out with some folded towels and the beloved xylophone.
Friday it rained all day, and by the time evening rolled around Hope was rather ancy and Joy too. Josh was working and I needed to fix supper, so I pulled out a Winnie-the-Pooh ABC's DVD I picked up 2nd hand and let the girls do that while I bustled around the kitchen.
The girls playing after I got them dressed this morning.
Little clown!
And... I pulled out the walker since Joy likes standing so much. Her legs are too short to propel herself around, but she can at least stand in it, and Hope is happy to push her around in it if needs be. :o)

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